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Autumn Abundance

19 Oct

Autumn Abundance

I know each foto standing alone has more power – but that collage mirror my sensations: The abundance of colors and beauty of fall is so wonderful and so much that I can hardly stand it.


Weekend Reflection

5 Oct

A new little human was born this week (okay, actually there have been many kids born this week – but I know one personally).
Slow change and sudden fall. Storms and Rains and colorful leaves. Deep gratitude – for my clients, for my life, for life. I feel my excercises work and giving me energy. Feeling connected. More energy would be fine, though. Many rational input this week, I feel filled and need time to adjust and incorporate. Time for sitting with my journal, doing my spiritual exercises and doing some planning with a candle and a cup of tea.
The foto has been shot by my daughter (6)

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Weekend Reflection

27 Apr

My week was filled by challenges,  growth and stuckness, visions, frustrations, excitement. It was a tough one and it seems that more of that are style are to come.

I did this week a few more steps on accepting challenges, open for solutions and reassure and strengthen my power.
I prescribed myself what I would recommend my clients and so I get myself (slowly) back on the track.  I am on a journey of healing and growing again. I guess that´s what´s called Live.

I was inspired by Dryades Friday Collages: Dryadajournals.blogspot.de
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