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Guestpost from Karina Ladet: It didn´t feel spiritual

15 Aug

I remember how disappointed I felt when I became pregnant with my first child, almost exactly 7 years ago, and realized what a human experience it was. Don’t get me wrong now, I love being a human being, but somehow I had imagined my pregnancy to feel like a deeply spiritual journey. The year before I got pregnant I did hundreds of spiritual readings for people online and I was starting to feel like I was – finally! – living my Life’s Purpose. And because carrying a life inside me seemed so magical I just assumed that I would feel even more spiritual during my whole pregnancy.

This is not how I felt. At all. Instead I felt very strongly how I was living in a human body and that this body had a life of its own. I was no longer in charge and all I could do was surrender to what my body knew it had to do. I love being in control so this was quite a challenge. This is when I realized just how disconnected I had been from my body. I used to spend hours meditating and connecting with my Spirit Guides and not so much time being in the present moment and in my body. Despite my big disappointment this was a very valuable lesson.

I have been working on my connection with the Earth and the balance between Earth and Sky ever since.

I am always amazed by the beautiful lessons we learn when we let go of our expectations and truly see what is there, right before our eyes.

During my whole pregnancy with my first child I didn’t do one single spiritual reading and I believe that this was just what I needed to get back into myself again. I was so lucky to have amazing support during my pregnancy by two incredible midwives and my husband. We had planned a home birth but it took too long so I ended up giving birth at the hospital, surrounded by my midwife and my husband.

My natural delivery where I felt so safe and supported was like a sacred initiation and it gave me so much inner strength. And as soon as my son was born I started intuitively to give him healing when he was ill or had troubles sleeping. It’s as if my spiritual work needed to be more balanced so I too spent 9 months growing into my own body. And at the time of birth my spiritual connection got even stronger than before. I guess everything comes in its own time. There is no need to push or try harder. It is ok to let go and be with what is.

When my children were babies I found myself using my intuition a lot and I often asked my spirit guides to watch over them. When we sleep at someone else’s house I visualize bubbles of light surrounding them and protecting them. As my children grow older (my son is 6 and my daughter 3) I find myself bringing back my attention more to myself and to my inner voice and that is a great rediscovery. I feel like I’m coming home to myself again. And my children grow more and more into their own selves and that is beautiful too.

I know that having a spiritual practice or a spiritual life while being pregnant and having small children is different for everyone so I would love to know what it’s like for You.

What is your connection with spirit like when you are pregnant?
How do you stay connected to spirit while taking care of your children?

Karina Ladet
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