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When you feel completely exhausted (because you forget your self-care)

8 Oct

From time to time it could be that we forgot our self-care. To be honestly I experienced this last week. Although I am writing about this topic and working with it – so it is really always on my mind – but nevertheless – there was so much to do and I decided to have not enough time for my self-care practise. This decision (we normally think it’s not a decision but a fact) is never helpful and healthy.

Okay, so what to do if you messed up a really exhausting or challenging week (or weeks)?

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Spotlight on your Self Care – how do you want to spend your time to nourish yourself?

11 Sep

Self-care is about how we spend our time. It´s about making priorities and decisions. And self-care is about awareness because otherwise we don´t get what we do and how we spend our time.

There are different levels of self-care – of things I can do for myself to nourish myself. And as we are unique the value of an action differs.

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Weekend Reflection

27 Apr

My week was filled by challenges,  growth and stuckness, visions, frustrations, excitement. It was a tough one and it seems that more of that are style are to come.

I did this week a few more steps on accepting challenges, open for solutions and reassure and strengthen my power.
I prescribed myself what I would recommend my clients and so I get myself (slowly) back on the track.  I am on a journey of healing and growing again. I guess that´s what´s called Live.

I was inspired by Dryades Friday Collages: Dryadajournals.blogspot.de
This is post part of the Weekend Reflection at ArtTherapista 

The Power of Freestyle-Bodypainting

26 Mar
Body painting is such a great powerful empowering experience, you might not imagine that. Its not so much about being able to make wonderful artwork on your body as you sometimes see it on the web or to have the bravity to make an artist do that. Yes, that can be part of it, but its not the core.
Bodypainting is such a sacred and powerful experience, because you honor your body while doing it. It is like you blow off the dust from your body and see the glimmer and radiance which was below. Although you actually painted something on your body it feels like you unearthed it – you and others are able to see the actual beauty of your body. Painting is honoring, expressing and revealing this indiscribable (and maybe unrecognized) beauty. And as it is something we are not familiar with, it takes some bravety to be a little “odd”.

Depending on your intention you can make this a really sacred experience. Think of all these ritual body art all over the world. Color and patterns can so much help you to see your beauty, to feel the sacredness, to feel so special as you are. You can even paint something on your body to feel differerent –  to pretend you are an antique priestess or a brave warrier – and it works! You really can use it to awaken these and other powers inside yourself as well as the bravety to do something that was forbidden to you as a child – this is very healing too. And you don´t even need to show it someone!

It is perfect for a sacred date with yourself or a unforgettable meeting of your women circle.  It is a very powerful and healing sacred and yet simple action.

And here are some ideas how and what you can do:

  • Paint your hands with body painters (yes, you can use henna, too, but thats far more complicated).
  • Paint your feet with body painters.
  • ornament your whole body and enjoy
  • Using colors feels different: you can paint your face in your own tribal style.
  • you can ask your best friend to paint yourself powerful (yes you can do the fairystyle too, but try out the powerful one).
  • You can experience the archaic power of red color on the body and in the face and how that makes you feel.
  • or you can try out our own rainbow- joy-therapie by becoming really rainbowish and so so much more

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Look at this fabulous Holi Festival of Colors – which is a spiring festival, celebrated in India. This is really inspiring about the power and joy of colors and a color body experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPDR0ZMwSag

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