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Power of Positive Thoughts – Affirmations for your pregnancy: How Affirmations work and how to use them

16 Mar
Affirmations are positive, empowering sentences (latin affirmatiō means „assertion, reassurance“). Affirmations help us to remember our strength, they make us feel brave, open us for wisdom, help us to find a positive approach.
Affirmations are surely not the clue for every problem of the world. But they help and work and can wonderfully support you in your pregnancy.

Just think about how you want to talk with your child: It is obvious that it has a deep impact on the child if you constantly speak in an empowering way or a disimpowering way to it. And in that exact way these sentences have an impact on you: Either you feel positive empowered through affimations or you feel wrong and insufficient through negative self talk and negative thoughts.

Affirmations work through constant repeating. A little bit like parents keep talking to children – in fact the vast majority of our own beliefs come from this source. Constant repeating like advertising. Although we don´t believe and trust most of the advertising messages and we even try to block ourselve from getting influenced by them – as long as we hear /read them constantly many of them will influence us. That is also the principle how affirmations work: constant repeating of empowering positive sentences, so that I can make the truth in that sentence come to reality and experience it. It really works.

A really good affirmation must find a kind of response or echo inside of you. You must have this feeling that what the affirmation is about is right and helpful. Its the affirmations job to support you in thinking and feeling what you like to experience.

Affirmations are positive beliefs. If you have a strong negative belief to this issue the affirmation is about, it probably won´t work. You can feel this. If you feel that the sentence is good for you and you are able to think this might be true (or at least give it the vague possibility of being true in some ways), then the affirmation can work effectivly.

If you always think or feel the „but“  or kind of resignation or resistance while reading – then this is the hint that there is a strong negative belief working that will block the affirmation. It does not make sense to simply repeat an affirmation against a strong resistance. You would only strengthen your resistance.

But often it simply helps if you soften the affirmation for with the words „more and more“ or „from day to day“ or something similar. For example „I trust my body more from day to day“ offers less attacktargets then „I trust my body“ when this is simply not true for you in the moment. Another way is to first use a different affirmation that covers a slightly different topic that is the first step on your way to the orginal affirmation. To find the fitting affirmations it is helpful to have a number of them available and then to connect with your feeling about them. If you feel you really like to have this feeling the affirmation is about – but you know it has to much resistance in the moment then you can (and need to) do additional work to reach your goal. In this case you can change the affirmatin as above said and additionally work with eft or any other tapping technique to further reduce the resistance. You can support this process with Reiki (or similar energywork), too.

Certainly it can happen, that a negative belief that you carry all your life long might not be completly vanish in the nine (or less) months of your pregnancy. But it is always worth trying. And it will enable changes and shifts in your life and help you preparing for a wonderful healthy birth. Because Birth not simply happens, it needs preparation and work.

Read more about what methods help you repeating your chosen affirmations.

And join the birth circle to get access to at least 16 pregnancy and birth related affirmations.


Inspiring (End of the) Weekend Reading

11 Mar

These wonderful bits of wisdom and passion I found for you and recommend to read.

Birthing a Quiet Revolution

By embracing purity, accepting unconditional love and

intimately connecting with Spirit,

I conceive the mission with the seeds of imaginative thought

and plant it firmly – deep in the core of my being.

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Hidden energy source in our life: our feelings can guide us

27 Feb "My feelings can guide me"
Feelings are most of the time not really easy, are they? Particularly if there are so much of them. And then even more intense and different from usual. Then we have this list of feelings that we like and the others should stay away. But it does´nt work that way.
Feelings are a really thrilling topic. They make us living, they make us alive. And even the „negative“ feelings can guide us. They help us. But we don´t like them anyway. I too.
To be rational and effective – thats trendy. Everything else is annoying. Feelings really make everything chaotic. They have different rules, different priorities.
And thats for good.
We can not live as machines. It would not make us happy and no one else either. So we need to deal with the feelings. Many of us – so do I sometimes – try then if the feelings do not fit (into our plans) ignore them. But feelings do always fit (but never in our calender).

The feelings – particularly the unpleasant ones – offer huge treasures, if we take them seriously:

  • They are the entrance to our authenticity and vitality. And therefore for joy and happiness, even if we may not feel really troubled or broken. It really brings more joy in our lives, if we accept our feelings and not fight them. Then we are easily able to feel the real happiness. The happiness about that we are simply right, and wonderful.
  • Wild feelings show us (sometimes exaggerated so that they are easier to understand) really important life-topics. Topics we otherwise would ignore, because that´s easier. They can point us at ethical values, we might ignore and whitewash. Or they point us at old wounds, srong desires, big fears. All this is in inside ourselves and it is precious. It is part of our life. If we always don´t want to look at it, we cut ourselves from the power of solving these problems and learn and grow from them (and they continue hurting).
  • If we really seriously love ourselves – and this is the most healthy state of being to seek, which brings ourselves and those around us happiness – then we need to love us when we are in a „bad mood“, too: not criticizing ourselves, not grumbling at ourselves, not being dissatisfied. Because then we make ourselves small and guilty instead of reckognizing the power which is in the situation.
  • Being emotional is not an unpleasant side effect of pregnancy, no mistake of mother nature. It is important and necessary. It helps us, to deal with the radical psychic changes, it helps us navigating through this time, it helps us to became a mother. It helps us being open for this time of change and our still invisible child inside and enables us to love it.

And in practice?

Simply dive in. Don´t worry, when we really dive into it, we really come back easily (and faster as if we don´t). Really. Promised.
But how does this work: diving into it?
It means you need to stop fighting, stop trying to be different, stop trying to feel different and stop being grumpy about feeling like that. You can comfort yourself and do something for you. But be careful that it is really something good and helpful and not simply flight or numbing.
What is helpful and good for you?
You can meditate, read inspiring texts that speak to your soul, take a bath, go for a walk. Express yourself through art, painting, writing, dance… Or listen to music and drink some tea… everything is healthy that lets room and is positive. Watching TV or reading novels is not on the list. You can give this as a reward to yourself but only after the first step. It is no confrontation with your feelings if you flee in a different life.
Diving in is different from enduring. Enduring is, when you sit and wait that it will go away. That is one possibility to deal with and its not the worst. But its not diving in or confronting with the message and the power of the feeling.

Often our judgment and our fears hold us back from diving into it. „I am not allowed to feel like that“ – „I don´t want to feel like that“ – „It´s not right“ – „If I dive into it, I will never come back, I will go crazy“, „no-one will ever take me serious again“ – „I will not handle the full feeling, I will break, everything will break“
Thats why most people stay at the edge of the feelings. I really can understand this. I like to stay there, too. I too need to overcome my fears, to dive into the rough water. But it is worth it every single time.
And the feelings loose their horror and show their sparkle and their power.

Nora Amala

P.S. The image is taken from a card of my inspiration cards deck which I am in the process of translating. They will be soon published in English. Here. So come back or subscribe to the mailing-list (and you will get a special prize for them)

The shift in experiencing pregnancy

9 Jan

Today pregnancy has become a medical issue. As our world has become more technical and technological then ever before that is what happened to pregnancy and birth. But it is quite obvious that pregnancy is nothing technical, rational and for some women its quite obvious that its even not something medical.
Pregnancy is as old as mankind. Obviously :), and part of our reactions and experiences in pregnancy and birth are as old, too. Pregnancy and birth have ever been social topics, in history as in present. Every culture has its own approaches but maybe you feel its time for some different approaches which are more holistic and more integrative than modern medicine alone.

So what am I speaking about?
I am speaking about living your bodywisdom and integrating the best of history, culture and medicine with your personal wisdom and taking back the responsibility of pregnancy and birth.

That does not necessarily mean that you follow special ideas as natural birth and breastfeeding or others. This does not mean that you will not go to the screenings or can´t give birth in a hospital. It does mean that you open up to the meaning and feelings of pregnancy and birth and find your own way. Your own opinion, answers, strength, beauty and joy.

To find these you need to come back to trust (instead of the viewpoint of fear and insecurity which is normally offered today).
And you can come back to trust if you:

  • open up for the miracle that pregnancy is
  • connect deep with your feelings and your baby
  • open up for personal growth – using the time of pregnancy what it psychologically is: a time for preparation for a huge initiation.
  • Learn to strengthen your intuition and to reconnect to your bodywisdom

This process can be easy or hard – that depends on your personality and what experiences you had before – but it should be joyous and worth it. (I don´t see any logical problems with something being hard work but full of joy at the same time)

Pregnancy is such a great time for this kind of shift and growing – because it’s the normal healthy way it should be. Pregnancy helps us in viewing at old patterns and new insights and it comes with better-to hear intuition and normally much emotional chaos (which is part of every opening, healing and learning process).

So what could this new and at the same time old way of experiencing pregnancy look like?
It means that you spend much attention on your feelings and experiences

  • You will experience more fulfillment, more sense when you dive deeply into it and are as aware as you can
  • You have the chance to experience trust, calmness and wisdom
  • You will have no bondingproblems at all but enjoy a great feeling of connection
  • You are best supporting yourself and the child
  • You have the best chance to grow to the mother you would like to be

This is a very personal journey you will take. And for that you have the possibility to do it completely alone, or with one-to-one support through coaching or with a group experience or altogether as it fits in the moment. And that perfectly summarizes my offer to you.


Listened to the Worlds Biggest Summit? Welcome!

25 Oct

If you don´t know the great Worlds Biggest Summit you can find it over here. And you can register there even if its late October, as you get free access to all the 100 workshops / interviews / talks there. Its great!

If you are a member and just came over from the Worlds Biggest Summit, this post ist for you. I warmly welcome you here, I am very happy that you came over and hope you enjoy your visit here.

I have some links here for you, you might find interesting:

Here is the Link and introduction to the BirthCircle for experiencing great and spiritual pregnancy.

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If your pregnancy is some time in the past but you feel strongly connected to the topic and wish you had found some offer like this earlyer and carry pain, grief or other unwelcomed feelings from your pregnancy or childbirth (or even a birth trauma), which you want to heal, then please sign in to this special mailinglist for you:

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I love to connect with you!


P.S. I am working on a special pregnancy journal for your pregnancy. Which will be released in November! And there are great other things coming to, as these colourful inspiration cards. So you might want to subscribe to my mailinglist to stay informed!

Dealing with Fears

19 Oct

Did you know that singing a easy simple melody or intonation over and over again our body and our brain are very healthy stimulated. Our breathing gets deeper and healthier, our brain starts pulling out Happyness-hormones such us serotonine. After a few minutes chanting or singing our body sets free the hormon Oxytozin, which is connect to love, motherlove and bonding. So negative feelings are resolved and even pain is reduced.

So thats why I strongly recommend mantra meditations for rebalancing when you are experiencing fears, worries, anxiety or other feelings that keep you feeling lost, lonely, desparate. This little exercise will help you to immediatly feel better so that you can take responsiblity and action.

This kind of healing work is extremly simple. And you don´t need any knowledge, any practise, you cant do anything wrong its just that easy. All you need to do is to serously try it out. I know that it works and I use it often.

Although chanting always helps on my experiences the indian mantras help even better. The mantras I use  comes from kundalini yoga. I believe that this special words will help most. And for us it is beneficial that we don´t understand them – maybe this is why they work so good. Our mind can´t do anything with it. Its just a vocal or a nonsense word. So no thinking around, critisizing is possible and it can directly sink in to the unconsciousness.

If your are not used to kundalini yoga and chanting mantras it probalby will feel quite strange in the beginning. I would like to encourage you to try this out whether you feel a bit silly doing it or not. Because when you first got over this initial feeling and start getting used to it, it is extremly helpful.

The mantra I use in this video – which is the one I use most – is Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. I think when it´s written it looks more complicated as it is, when you hear it. It is a good and strong healing mantra. You can`t completly translate mantras, they are special meaningful combination of healing words, so there are several ways mantras can be translated.

The elements of this mantra will mean

RA – Sun
MA – Moon
DA – Earth
– being absolute
SO HUNG – I am you (In the meaning of I am divine, divinity is in me

So enjoy this video and do a mantra-meditation with me.


Your Birth Circle

1 Oct

If you want to dive deep into your feelings.

If you long to connect with others.

If you wish emotional support.

If you want to explore Pregnancy and Birth as a spiritual journey and initiation,

your are warmly invited to  join the sacred BirthCircle. Read more here.

Contact with your womb-baby

30 Aug

Communicate with your unborn child

Daniel Faßbender, CC-Licence, Source: http://www.piqs.de

Pregnant woman can have a deep relationship to their baby when its still in their womb. Most women do that without even thinking: the heart pours over with love for the baby. Such a connection to the baby is very important for its wellbeing.
The connection between mother and embryo is so tight as nothing else in the world. The baby hears the mothers body from inside, it feels directly the mood of the mother through hormon-messages, body sensations and the mothers voice. It could be that babys even have a connection to the subconsciousness of their mother. Psychologists say this might be, and mothers know.


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