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When you feel completely exhausted (because you forget your self-care)

8 Oct

From time to time it could be that we forgot our self-care. To be honestly I experienced this last week. Although I am writing about this topic and working with it – so it is really always on my mind – but nevertheless – there was so much to do and I decided to have not enough time for my self-care practise. This decision (we normally think it’s not a decision but a fact) is never helpful and healthy.

Okay, so what to do if you messed up a really exhausting or challenging week (or weeks)?

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Spotlight on your Self Care – how do you want to spend your time to nourish yourself?

11 Sep

Self-care is about how we spend our time. It´s about making priorities and decisions. And self-care is about awareness because otherwise we don´t get what we do and how we spend our time.

There are different levels of self-care – of things I can do for myself to nourish myself. And as we are unique the value of an action differs.

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Mamahood in sight

31 Aug

Congratulations, first time Mama-to-be! Your greatest adventures are just ahead – your are in the middle of your adventure journey! And from the lookout someone shouts: “Mamahoooood in sight!”
I guess you are good prepared and staring at the cliffs of birth, but sometimes your dreams reach out to the land of mama. If you have friends and relatives with children, you might know some of the landscape, if not, it could be the unknown land where the dragons (and fairies) live.

As this is future, no-one knows exactly what lies beyond – everyone can experience different adventures in the same landscape. But as every good trip you would like to pepare yourself for this and I bet you did – but there is more: it´s not only about practical questions and advice of friends. It´s about what insights, visions, guidance you can take with you for that experience. It´s about all the things that can help you to make it fun and a do-able adventure. It´s about you feeling brave and secure to step into. And it´s about the things you need to remember, when you meet your first dragon.

So try out my Mamahood Mini Course for what ever prize you like!

What we will cover:

  • How to be a good mother
  • Lion mother: Why being brave is important
  • Expectations, Perfectionism and Pressure 
  • Your visions and promises for your mamahood
  • Spiritual guidance for your mamahood
  • Facing fears and concerns – why and how – to grow into your motherhood
  • Five important keys to experience being support
  • Help to prepare to the upcoming reality
  • Inspiration to go further with this adventure journey


You will feel better prepared. You will feel your trust in your mothering-ability growing. This work lays the most important grounding stones so that you will be a wonderful mother and will not be blown away from the winds of overwhelm to a place that ashames or discourages you. Your wonderful mama-time is beginning NOW.

So come and join me.

This little packed-full joyous course is worth 60$ – the experience it is designed to lead to is prizeless – and you can get it for whatever you want to pay! This is my birthday present for you.
We are starting Thursday 6th September so make sure to enroll TODAY.

And here are some details to the procedere:
The Mamahood Mini-Course is a 3 week e-course, delivered to you by email. It contains a 20 pages playbook and weekly email material for you to find your own mothering path. You can work through it in your own pace and connect with other mothers and mothers-to-be in the BirthCircle and it´s Mamahood Course Corner.

This is a one-time offer: The next time the course will have a fix prize. So join us today for this juicy and empowering experience. Take some time to adjust yourself mamahood and tune in to your souls wisdom and guidance for your mamahood _before_ things are getting chaotic and real.

So come and join me NOW.

Time to give up control

25 Aug

We are in control. We are planning, managing, taking actions, revising, judging, planning, thinking. We are multitasking. We got really really good in all these things and they are necessary to feel right nowadays – it´s how the world goes. Right?

But all these skills – and even the whole reality of these things being important – has nothing to do with being pregnant or bearing.

So being pregnant can sometimes feel like a culture shock.
We are much to much in our heads. We are living in our heads. We do believe that we are our minds. But this human baby is not growing in our mind. And we will not birth the baby out of our head.
Pregnancy is the domain of the body. The body takes over – and we no longer can ignore that we are human beings living in a BODY and being part of nature. It can be a devasting feeling. Because we are more used to see nature as something to be insecure, inferior and imperfect.
Even if we chose to take that step of faith and to be lead by nature and not choose to follow a medical promise of total control – it still can feel strange. Simply because we are not used to live in our bodies and to let things happen. To be aware. To live slowly. To trust.

So pregnancy is our time we can use to step back into our bodies. Actually this IS what is happening, either we want it or not. But you can chose to embrace it and step forward or to try to resist and control. Needless to say that the last won´t bring you much joy, because you can´t get control back. It would be an illusion. It´s not easy to embrace feeling fatique or nausea or backpain. But it´s exactly the time now to chose to experience your body.

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Guestpost from Karina Ladet: It didn´t feel spiritual

15 Aug

I remember how disappointed I felt when I became pregnant with my first child, almost exactly 7 years ago, and realized what a human experience it was. Don’t get me wrong now, I love being a human being, but somehow I had imagined my pregnancy to feel like a deeply spiritual journey. The year before I got pregnant I did hundreds of spiritual readings for people online and I was starting to feel like I was – finally! – living my Life’s Purpose. And because carrying a life inside me seemed so magical I just assumed that I would feel even more spiritual during my whole pregnancy.

This is not how I felt. At all. Instead I felt very strongly how I was living in a human body and that this body had a life of its own. I was no longer in charge and all I could do was surrender to what my body knew it had to do. I love being in control so this was quite a challenge. This is when I realized just how disconnected I had been from my body. I used to spend hours meditating and connecting with my Spirit Guides and not so much time being in the present moment and in my body. Despite my big disappointment this was a very valuable lesson.

I have been working on my connection with the Earth and the balance between Earth and Sky ever since.

I am always amazed by the beautiful lessons we learn when we let go of our expectations and truly see what is there, right before our eyes.

During my whole pregnancy with my first child I didn’t do one single spiritual reading and I believe that this was just what I needed to get back into myself again. I was so lucky to have amazing support during my pregnancy by two incredible midwives and my husband. We had planned a home birth but it took too long so I ended up giving birth at the hospital, surrounded by my midwife and my husband.

My natural delivery where I felt so safe and supported was like a sacred initiation and it gave me so much inner strength. And as soon as my son was born I started intuitively to give him healing when he was ill or had troubles sleeping. It’s as if my spiritual work needed to be more balanced so I too spent 9 months growing into my own body. And at the time of birth my spiritual connection got even stronger than before. I guess everything comes in its own time. There is no need to push or try harder. It is ok to let go and be with what is.

When my children were babies I found myself using my intuition a lot and I often asked my spirit guides to watch over them. When we sleep at someone else’s house I visualize bubbles of light surrounding them and protecting them. As my children grow older (my son is 6 and my daughter 3) I find myself bringing back my attention more to myself and to my inner voice and that is a great rediscovery. I feel like I’m coming home to myself again. And my children grow more and more into their own selves and that is beautiful too.

I know that having a spiritual practice or a spiritual life while being pregnant and having small children is different for everyone so I would love to know what it’s like for You.

What is your connection with spirit like when you are pregnant?
How do you stay connected to spirit while taking care of your children?

Karina Ladet
Karina is a channel and spiritual guide offering readings by e-mail, phone and Skype at Karina’s Inner Space. She offers her Communicate with your Spirit Guide e-course for the second time starting on August 19th and also spreads her light and love during week-end workshops. If you wish to receive her free Love Letters with messages from the spirit guides, please sign up by e-mail.

Blog: http://karinas-inner-space.blogspot.com/
E-mail: karina_angelspirit@hotmail.com
Facebook: Karina Ladet
Twitter: KarinaLadet

Step into your Birthpower

5 Jun

and enjoy this little Flashvideo that I made for you:

In the Step into your Birthpower Course, which starts at June 27th we will play together and create together, to connect with our inner power. It is  probably the most beautiful, artful and joyful pregnancy-course you can take. So come and join!

Leave your questions and comments below – I can´t wait to answer them.

I hope I will see you at “tune in” and in “step into your birthpower“!

Want some healing energy?

25 May
I am inviting you to a free online-event for tomorrow, that I think you really wanna be at.
Why? Because we connect with the higher energies, feel refueled, open up for our higher self in a live ritual via internet.
You can really use this if:

  • you feel overwhelmed or exhausted
  • you feel stuck
  • you feel like in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by problems
  • you feel like you could really use some extra energy
  • you want to step more into your potential
  • you want more clarity
  • you are in the middle of healing or transition
  • you are facing challenges
And yes, it is safe for pregnancy. In fact it´s a great idea for your pregnancy as it helps you refuel and turn on the headlights for your pregnancy path. If you are not pregnant, you are welcome, too! Everybody can use a little extra shift, a little extra energy. So feel free to bring a friend.
Tune in
an empowering, refuelling, reconnecting online ritual
for more joy, energy and clarity in your life

US : PDT: Saturday, Mai 26th, Thursday June 7th 12:40 – CDT: 2:45 pm
Europe: 9:45 pm
Australia: , 05:45 am EST (sorry)

Please validate your indivdual time zone with UTC/ GMT 7:45 pm. Thank you.

We will mainly do some energy work through different methods, that will help open yourself to the divine energy and your higher self, so that you feel more clarity, energy, joy and bravity.

So spread the word and I am looking forward to meet you there!

Image by Mundoo

P.S. Feel free to ask questions, I´m happy to answer them. You can mail me or write a comment on facebook or the blog.

Don´t make such a fuss. Stay silent and ignore

7 May
„In former times women had their babies when they were working on the fields“. I hated this statement. I heard it in my pregnancy much more often than I liked to hear it.
„Don´t make such a fuss about it“ seems to be the message of this statement, doesn´t it? If those women gave birth while working on the fields – how can I then complain about very normal aches and discomfort. Discomfort – sometimes its quite more than „discomfort“: Nausea, pain, fatigue and hormone chaos. That´s no fun at all.

It really gets me upset to pass this kind of statement along. It implements, that it is normal (and healthy?!) to mostly ignore pregnancy and just carry on. And that women have to carry it all – the job, the pregnancy, the kids, the house – just as if it were nothing. This statement is linking back to a time when women had no rights at all, living a very hard life. And this is used for what? As a role model for pregnant modern women? As a supportive hint to manage pregnancy, to calm concerns of giving birth?
This kind of statement simply does not honor in any way the reality of a pregnant women. It simply offers a “look what they have done” perspective that really encourages the women to hear “Do it a little more like they did, it was better this way. You are (doing) wrong”.
This is not even a little bit encouraging or empowering.

Maybe the person who states this may be concerned that the women exaggerates and that it’s not healthy for her to focus too much on the pregnancy. But that´s simply not true. A women needs time to adjust to this new experience of pregnancy. And as pregnancy is a time of change, she always needs to catch up. Some of the biggest changes in life happen in pregnancy (the whole body and psyche transforms). And the most healthy thing she can do is to stay conscious and enjoy pregnancy and support all of these changes.
True is that its not healthy to ride carousel with your concerns and fears. But ignoring is never a solution. Or pushing away. Pushing away or disavowing will increase all the problems that hide in the unconsciousness. Those will make us feel insecure, wrong, instable, unsure, inferior. In order to deal in a healthy and helpful way with fears and concerns its necessary to accept them first.

Yes, pregnancy is a normal, healthy state of being. But it is VERY SPECIAL. It has meaning and worth. And it is so important to acknowledge this fact. Something can be natural, normal and special at the same time. And that´s what pregnancy is. It´s a great time to celebrate, to feel the sacredness of being and to experience it to the fullest.

So let´s make a fuss about it.