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Mamahood in sight

31 Aug

Congratulations, first time Mama-to-be! Your greatest adventures are just ahead – your are in the middle of your adventure journey! And from the lookout someone shouts: “Mamahoooood in sight!”
I guess you are good prepared and staring at the cliffs of birth, but sometimes your dreams reach out to the land of mama. If you have friends and relatives with children, you might know some of the landscape, if not, it could be the unknown land where the dragons (and fairies) live.

As this is future, no-one knows exactly what lies beyond – everyone can experience different adventures in the same landscape. But as every good trip you would like to pepare yourself for this and I bet you did – but there is more: it´s not only about practical questions and advice of friends. It´s about what insights, visions, guidance you can take with you for that experience. It´s about all the things that can help you to make it fun and a do-able adventure. It´s about you feeling brave and secure to step into. And it´s about the things you need to remember, when you meet your first dragon.

So try out my Mamahood Mini Course for what ever prize you like!

What we will cover:

  • How to be a good mother
  • Lion mother: Why being brave is important
  • Expectations, Perfectionism and Pressure 
  • Your visions and promises for your mamahood
  • Spiritual guidance for your mamahood
  • Facing fears and concerns – why and how – to grow into your motherhood
  • Five important keys to experience being support
  • Help to prepare to the upcoming reality
  • Inspiration to go further with this adventure journey


You will feel better prepared. You will feel your trust in your mothering-ability growing. This work lays the most important grounding stones so that you will be a wonderful mother and will not be blown away from the winds of overwhelm to a place that ashames or discourages you. Your wonderful mama-time is beginning NOW.

So come and join me.

This little packed-full joyous course is worth 60$ – the experience it is designed to lead to is prizeless – and you can get it for whatever you want to pay! This is my birthday present for you.
We are starting Thursday 6th September so make sure to enroll TODAY.

And here are some details to the procedere:
The Mamahood Mini-Course is a 3 week e-course, delivered to you by email. It contains a 20 pages playbook and weekly email material for you to find your own mothering path. You can work through it in your own pace and connect with other mothers and mothers-to-be in the BirthCircle and it´s Mamahood Course Corner.

This is a one-time offer: The next time the course will have a fix prize. So join us today for this juicy and empowering experience. Take some time to adjust yourself mamahood and tune in to your souls wisdom and guidance for your mamahood _before_ things are getting chaotic and real.

So come and join me NOW.


Pregnancy and Childbirth: Embracing Transformation

30 Mar
In pregnancy literally  your whole body is in change – your mind is changing and developing and you face challenges you might never have come across bevore. Pregnancy can be tough out of many reasons – even if it is the thing you desired most. Birthing and raising children feels so huge. It is about Life and death, about a whole humans life. You probably may not have experienced anything severe and responsible like that before if you don´t work in a business which is about literally saving lifes. Pregancy and birth is always a transformation and an initiation. Where you go beyond your limits – and grow.
Because of all that, pregnancy and childbirth are working as magnifying glass or lens: where so much life-changing topics and questions emerge, accompanied by fears.

The way I work with and teach is to fully embrace the challenge and that special time. To commit with your whole heart and soul to this experience to take the chance and become the best possible mother* NOW. To undig your powers now, really experience this initiation consciously so that you get the most out of it:

  • a joyful soulful pregnancy with your needs met
  • a fullfilling birth (that can be without pain- yes that is possible for you too)
  •  become a strong, loving, nourishing mother who takes responsibility for herself and the child
  • be able to live the parentingstyle you long for and that you (might) hear the call in your heart
  • heal yourself further on that way
  • be proud of your decisions and experiences and feel that guidance and purpose in you life

But you know what? Initiation is never a gentle fluffy disney-like process, where you get your wishes fullfilled only by asking. Initiation always brings you to your limits. And BEYOND. Thats what it does. And that always need some effort and it always will call the fears. But the fears cannot stop you from birthing your child. But they can stop you – if you allow them – from experiencing that profound empowering miracle in it that will have a serious impact on your life.

And you can simply decide to commit to take the chance, to be fully initiated by the universe and open up to your powers. And you don´t have to do this alone.

You can start today. Now.

Even if you you are trying to conceive and are not pregnant yet.


* The best possible mother means that you will open up to be the (best) mother that you can be. That´s nothing to compare with others but its something to feel inside.

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