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Spiritual Pregnancy

26 Jun

Rready for a new perspective, ready for sweet joy and birth-power?

How should something so natural, so biological so medical be spiritual or sacred?

It is aching, it is discomforting, it is disturbing, maybe even dangerous and you need experts to get the baby out, right? Or how about this one: Pregnancy is normal, women ever had babies so its just biological and you don t need to make a fuss about it!

How would you like to see pregnancy?

What about glowing from inside, being proud, grounded and happy that inside happens THE divine miracle of live? How we sense and observe things impacts how we feel and what we experience (and not necessarily the other way round). And every woman who wants a child knows this sweet feeling of overflowing joy that the knowledge of pregnancy can bring. But so often it doesn’t stay. Wouldn’t it be great to carry this feeling along the pregnancy and experiencing a similar feeling towards birth?

YOU too can experience pregnancy this way. I can guide you.

>You don’t need a spacial belief (or a belief at all). Only openness. Maybe you won’t call the result spiritual. But you will call it special, wonderful, happy, more peace, wonderful intense, empowering, secure.

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