Your BirthCircle

Sisters, lets come together, celebrate the sacredness of Life and lets honour and celebrate our pregnancy and birth.

The Birth Circle is open for all women


… are curious about experiencing a spiritual pregnancy and birth

… are looking for ways of living pregnancy and birth that feel somekind different that feel new and important to them

… are looking for others to learn and grow together

… are willing to grow and want to find happiness

… or want to experience changes for feeling better

… are looking for women´s wisdom and their own bodywisdom

You dont need to want every single thing from that list

You dont need to have certain preferences

You dont need to have a certain religion

You dont need to have a religion at all

You dont need to be a beginner in topics of self growth and spirituality

You dont need to be experienced in self growth or spirituality

You just need to have a open heart and open mind to come in.

What you can expect there:

  • A sacred place where miracle can happens when women share their journeys
  • Inputs for living a spiritual and fulfilling pregnancy and birth
  • Juicy links, texts, resources
  • A place where you can find support and hugs
  • Special offers for my products and services

All this will be provided by me and by your circle Sisters.

So come in  (its free!)

and experience new and known wisdom

and engage in making the BirthCircle a magic, healing place.


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