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28 Nov

This Blog has moved. Please click here to get to the up to date Happy Within blog.

we have moved

You will find on the new blog a cute little slideshow (I had some fun) and a fresh pressed article:
“If Pregnancy doesn´t feel like it should”

And there are some extra goodies for you on my desktop: Stay tuned to watch a free video series (coming soon) that will end this “birth must be horrible”-feeling forever and show you 4 keys to a childbirth beyond your dreams.


When you feel completely exhausted (because you forget your self-care)

8 Oct

From time to time it could be that we forgot our self-care. To be honestly I experienced this last week. Although I am writing about this topic and working with it – so it is really always on my mind – but nevertheless – there was so much to do and I decided to have not enough time for my self-care practise. This decision (we normally think it’s not a decision but a fact) is never helpful and healthy.

Okay, so what to do if you messed up a really exhausting or challenging week (or weeks)?


Your Family

26 Sep

German Original from the “Anahita Verlag” publishing company

Spotlight on your Self Care – how do you want to spend your time to nourish yourself?

11 Sep

Self-care is about how we spend our time. It´s about making priorities and decisions. And self-care is about awareness because otherwise we don´t get what we do and how we spend our time.

There are different levels of self-care – of things I can do for myself to nourish myself. And as we are unique the value of an action differs.


Mamahood in sight

31 Aug

Congratulations, first time Mama-to-be! Your greatest adventures are just ahead – your are in the middle of your adventure journey! And from the lookout someone shouts: “Mamahoooood in sight!”
I guess you are good prepared and staring at the cliffs of birth, but sometimes your dreams reach out to the land of mama. If you have friends and relatives with children, you might know some of the landscape, if not, it could be the unknown land where the dragons (and fairies) live.

As this is future, no-one knows exactly what lies beyond – everyone can experience different adventures in the same landscape. But as every good trip you would like to pepare yourself for this and I bet you did – but there is more: it´s not only about practical questions and advice of friends. It´s about what insights, visions, guidance you can take with you for that experience. It´s about all the things that can help you to make it fun and a do-able adventure. It´s about you feeling brave and secure to step into. And it´s about the things you need to remember, when you meet your first dragon.

So try out my Mamahood Mini Course for what ever prize you like!

What we will cover:

  • How to be a good mother
  • Lion mother: Why being brave is important
  • Expectations, Perfectionism and Pressure 
  • Your visions and promises for your mamahood
  • Spiritual guidance for your mamahood
  • Facing fears and concerns – why and how – to grow into your motherhood
  • Five important keys to experience being support
  • Help to prepare to the upcoming reality
  • Inspiration to go further with this adventure journey


You will feel better prepared. You will feel your trust in your mothering-ability growing. This work lays the most important grounding stones so that you will be a wonderful mother and will not be blown away from the winds of overwhelm to a place that ashames or discourages you. Your wonderful mama-time is beginning NOW.

So come and join me.

This little packed-full joyous course is worth 60$ – the experience it is designed to lead to is prizeless – and you can get it for whatever you want to pay! This is my birthday present for you.
We are starting Thursday 6th September so make sure to enroll TODAY.

And here are some details to the procedere:
The Mamahood Mini-Course is a 3 week e-course, delivered to you by email. It contains a 20 pages playbook and weekly email material for you to find your own mothering path. You can work through it in your own pace and connect with other mothers and mothers-to-be in the BirthCircle and it´s Mamahood Course Corner.

This is a one-time offer: The next time the course will have a fix prize. So join us today for this juicy and empowering experience. Take some time to adjust yourself mamahood and tune in to your souls wisdom and guidance for your mamahood _before_ things are getting chaotic and real.

So come and join me NOW.

Why prenatal yoga is better

13 Aug

Have you ever asked yourself if you should do some pregnancy fitness course or do some workouts, or join a yoga class?
So this post is for you.

Fitness courses and workouts

Fitness is good. Yes, it makes sense to stay fit and healthy in pregnancy. But you know what? Sports and pregnanca workouts are overrated. Fitness is fine, if you want to have some extra movement, if you want to carry on with some fitness program. But it doesn`t help much for birth preparation. The muscles are trained, and you are doing good for your shape and your power, but it has not really an important impact on birthing nor is ist a real birth-preparation.

What you really need in pregnancy and for childbirth is that you learn to feel and hear your body, to trust your body, to use your breath and to be present. To slow down and feel. And that is exactly what you do, when you practise yoga. And additionally you are strengthening your muscles and helping your body.

Yoga is definitely the better choice for pregnancy. Yoga is like birthing. And although the prenatal yoga exercises are smooth and easy they also help you to be flexible and healthy. But more it helps for your soul and your soul-body-connection. I can´t say it often enough – birthing is like yoga – yoga is like birthing. You will need to slow down, to connect with you body, to feel, to be able to stress and unstress muscles and BREATH and be. Being in your body.
Being fully in our bodies is not really something we are normally good in nowadays. And you can be very sporty, healthy and active without having a healthy connection to your body. And yoga (when it isn´t done like a fitness programm but as yoga) focusses exactly on beeing in the body and the body-soul-connection.

Don´t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with fitness programms for pregnancy. Being fit is always good. But make sure you add yoga to your personal wellness plan to easily deepen your birth-preparation. (And if you are a lazy person as I am – then still do yoga and skip the rest).

You will be glad you did it.



18 Jun


Overflowing joy

Need some Energy? … continued

29 May

I really want to do some energy work together with you. Yes, you. If you feel too much tired, or stuck, or frustrated or if oyu feel like in the middle of a transformation. Or if you have you very own reason you really could use some energy.
I offered and prepared this Online Ritual last week – but as I was so spontanious in my action several women had written me that they weren´t able to attend because they didn´t read it early enough.
So here we go again:
Your next chance for being part of a healing ritual and connect with the divine energies is JUNE, 7th. Please register now, its free!


You want to learn more about the event? Look here. And please don´t forget, to tell your friends.