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28 Nov

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What is missing in the view of mother versus women energy

16 May
Did you hear the rumor about this lifechanging mother-women-energy Call from Crystal Andrus?

Its true. She talked about mother energy versus women energy. And she adressed really really important and touching issues. If you havn´t listen, consider, to do it now.
I really enjoyed it and it touched me and helped me, too. BUT. I disagree.

Crystal Andrus intruduces the listeners in a very easy to understand and touching way to three different energies. She calls them daughter, mother and women energy. And that´s the point, where I believe her not to be „right“. I can easily relate to the energies she is talking about. Every women knows them – and every men has reckognized them. Obviously the naming of the energy is on the one hand only a naming. But a name is not only a name. Here is what she missed in the call. I am deeply convinced, that she energy she describes as a daughter energy is a negative daughter energy. The energy she describes as a mother energy is the weak and negative mother. The daughter energy described looks for me as the princess out of the fairy tale – or like she would look like when that kind of person lives today. So for me its the princess (negativly understood) energy. That one that wants to be rescued. And yes, that energy is real. And yes, its so important to see that really that energy is not usefull for a powerful grownup women. I fully agree in this point. But there are positive daughter-aspects to, we really can include in our grown up selfes and I believe that Crystal Andrus would agree here. For me the positive aspects of daughter energy are the warrier and the child. Think of the tarot cards the daughters (if you have a deck that named the cards daughters) are powerful, fiercy but not that balanced yet. It would me take pages to go deeper into the positive daughter energy. I believe that this great and wonderful women energy – Crystal talks about – is integrating the positive aspects of the others and balancing them, mixing to something new.
The mother energy has kind of a bad stand at the talk of Crystal. And yes, I can understand that – because the energy she introduced and the way we see it used so often is really not such positive. But there surely is a positive side of mother energy. As with everything it needs to be balanced. You can draw every good into evil if you don´t balance it. And again I think, Crystal would agree. I agree that the examples and the behaviour she showed of the mother energy isn´t helpful or positive (even though it is intended to be positive). But that´s the WEAK MOTHER. But the weak mother is what is most obvious in our culture. We have images of weak mothers as MOTHER and we have images of those dark mothers those harsh ruling, step-mother type. But I think we lack of images of real and positive Mothers as well as THE image of THE MOTHER.
Actually this is part of my work with soon- to-be mothers. I worked through it for myself when finding me pregnant. So anybody knowing me will not be suprised about this article here 🙂
Nobody wants to be a bad or a weak mother. And its not neccessary. Crystal points out that you are better parenting when you use or integrate that women energy not only the mother energy. I can see this, too. But what you get when you have the right mix of energy you are able to be the (good), balanced mother and a powerful women (and you have the powerful, joyful daughter integrated). I don´t think that its a good idea to exclude anyone (and with this terms used it could to easily understood as you are not allowed to be a mother in order to be a good mother). And in fact, the woman energy as described by Crystal is exactly that mix of positive talents. She has the self-centered view transformed into healthy selfcare and selfworth and the caring mother energy is there too, but not without boundaries.
So yes, I believe it is helpful to point out this different energies and I know that they exist. I only see there more shadows and colors in it and a bigger picture to fit it. And I want to make sure that knowbody thinks mother-energy is a bad thing. It is not. We really need mother energy for mothering and parenting. But we need it in the healthy way not the unhealthy and that is unfortunatly not what society and our mothers teach us. So it´s time to begin.

Crystal wants to empower women and the same do I. And the energy she called woman energy is empowering. That´s okay. But it´s not okay that this can so easily understood (or even “must be understood”?) as a rejection of mothers energy. It is the rejection of cultural _negative_ mother energy. And it really is the healthiest thing we can do for us and society to bring out the positve energies or womanhood.

If you like me to dig deeper into this topic and give you more indight in the real mother energy or you like to discuss this, please leave a comment (and share).

A year full of wonder

4 Jan

Christmas, Disney´s Lion King and Honouring the Sacred

7 Dec

So Christmas is ahead once more. As it is with all the wellknown big holidays, Christmas means something different for everyone. I always liked these wellcrafted mangers, where you see Baby Jesus surrounded by Mary and Joseph and can watch the Shepards and the Holy Kings. I love the idea of the kings coming from all around the world to honour the newborn, as well as the shepards. Although I today think, they should honour the mother first (but thats another topic) 🙂

Well, Jesus was a special baby and all those who knew this, came to show him their respect.
This always remindes me of the scene in the Disney movie “Lion King”. You know the entering scene, where the lionbaby is born and is – in a ritual – shown to the cherring animals to honour him (or her in the second movie) and bow down in the crescendo of the „Circle of Life“-song.
So what is this all about? This was a „special“ baby, too, it was the son (or daughter) of the king. And there always have been rituals about introducing kings.

In italy theres the lore of a witch or an old women, her name is Befana, who went to honour Baby Jesus but she was to late, and she couldn´t find him. So she travelled all over the land and gifted each child she met instead. All these sceneries do speak to me on the level of the powerful unconsciousness.

There is this sacred time of birth. The child actually entering the world, through his and his mother´s work (labor). A whole new being, an old or new soul now manifested on the planet. And that really IS a moment for the angels to sing. Everyone who ever only attended a birth, knows this. Its a completly touching moment – and sometimes when you listen open enough inside you CAN the angels hear rejoice.

There is another tale that matches well with this topic of honouring birth and the person born: A king gathered his people, telling them, that he exchanged his child with a child of his people. And that he will watch how they treat the child and will call them to account, they should treat his child appropiate. No one knew which child was the child of the king and so the people started to treat every single child as if it was a prince: They treated them with respect and love and did their very best with every single child. The children grew up and the city and the land was blooming, the people were happy and rich. Because they all treated every single child as worthful as it was. How wonderful is this?

So thats the reason why I love those pictures of the ritual honouring the babies like Baby-Jesus or Baby Lion King. They speak to my soul. They show honouring the Greatness of birth, Hounouring the new arrived soul. We all should get such a honouring ceremony at birth. In some cultures this is tradition, but it is not soo farspread. Probably because in former times, so many babies died before growing up, not every culture has those rituals. I am not talking about the Christining, this is a babyritual but with an complete other setting and direction. I talk about honouring the Baby for coming and introducing it to its family and community. Honouring Live itself and honouring these special persons (thats what the “Circle of Life” scene is showing, isn´t it).
This is a great touching ritual for parents to do. But its unfortunatly not a easy one. Because mother and child are really tired and need rest the stress that comes with hosting a big family or communityritual is far too much and its not that easy to delegate it. So I know familys who did a  Blessing ritual, but not  in the first month of their baby. It is really touching and worthy.

I think these stories not only give us a clue how to celebrate the Baby coming into our live, but also – and that is at least as important – they remind us that we need to be honoured as well. Thats something most of us did not experience and miss. Every child coming to this earth is perfect, worthful, wonderful and a gift and so are we. We also came to this earth as a perfect wonderful worthful child. And we still are. We are full of value, beauty and love, because we are. (Not because of what we think or do, or work or archieved). We are worthful beings. Most of us forgot about it and we oftend learned the opposite, when we grew up, but thats not the truth. And now its a good time to remember.

Fotos: flickr: otina82, flickr, vigilant20; Nora Amala B.


Listened to the Worlds Biggest Summit? Welcome!

25 Oct

If you don´t know the great Worlds Biggest Summit you can find it over here. And you can register there even if its late October, as you get free access to all the 100 workshops / interviews / talks there. Its great!

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Your Birth Circle

1 Oct

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News about sacred space and pregnancy as a spiritual journey.

27 Sep

I am passionate about supporting pregnant women having their best pregnancy and birth. I just recorded a 30 minute talk at this topic which I submitted to the Worlds Biggest Summit (starting at Oktober, 1st)

And to give you and all the other interested and passionate pregnant women out there the support you might need in taking your spiritual journey, I just created the Community “Birth Circle for you. You are welcome to meet me there and get my support for free. Obviously this is a limited offer. I will announce when we change to charging the membership – but when you register now – your membership will be free all the time.

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