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Need some Energy? … continued

29 May

I really want to do some energy work together with you. Yes, you. If you feel too much tired, or stuck, or frustrated or if oyu feel like in the middle of a transformation. Or if you have you very own reason you really could use some energy.
I offered and prepared this Online Ritual last week – but as I was so spontanious in my action several women had written me that they weren´t able to attend because they didn´t read it early enough.
So here we go again:
Your next chance for being part of a healing ritual and connect with the divine energies is JUNE, 7th. Please register now, its free!


You want to learn more about the event? Look here. And please don´t forget, to tell your friends.

Want some healing energy?

25 May
I am inviting you to a free online-event for tomorrow, that I think you really wanna be at.
Why? Because we connect with the higher energies, feel refueled, open up for our higher self in a live ritual via internet.
You can really use this if:

  • you feel overwhelmed or exhausted
  • you feel stuck
  • you feel like in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by problems
  • you feel like you could really use some extra energy
  • you want to step more into your potential
  • you want more clarity
  • you are in the middle of healing or transition
  • you are facing challenges
And yes, it is safe for pregnancy. In fact it´s a great idea for your pregnancy as it helps you refuel and turn on the headlights for your pregnancy path. If you are not pregnant, you are welcome, too! Everybody can use a little extra shift, a little extra energy. So feel free to bring a friend.
Tune in
an empowering, refuelling, reconnecting online ritual
for more joy, energy and clarity in your life

US : PDT: Saturday, Mai 26th, Thursday June 7th 12:40 – CDT: 2:45 pm
Europe: 9:45 pm
Australia: , 05:45 am EST (sorry)

Please validate your indivdual time zone with UTC/ GMT 7:45 pm. Thank you.

We will mainly do some energy work through different methods, that will help open yourself to the divine energy and your higher self, so that you feel more clarity, energy, joy and bravity.

So spread the word and I am looking forward to meet you there!

Image by Mundoo

P.S. Feel free to ask questions, I´m happy to answer them. You can mail me or write a comment on facebook or the blog.

Pregnancy and Childbirth: Embracing Transformation

30 Mar
In pregnancy literally  your whole body is in change – your mind is changing and developing and you face challenges you might never have come across bevore. Pregnancy can be tough out of many reasons – even if it is the thing you desired most. Birthing and raising children feels so huge. It is about Life and death, about a whole humans life. You probably may not have experienced anything severe and responsible like that before if you don´t work in a business which is about literally saving lifes. Pregancy and birth is always a transformation and an initiation. Where you go beyond your limits – and grow.
Because of all that, pregnancy and childbirth are working as magnifying glass or lens: where so much life-changing topics and questions emerge, accompanied by fears.

The way I work with and teach is to fully embrace the challenge and that special time. To commit with your whole heart and soul to this experience to take the chance and become the best possible mother* NOW. To undig your powers now, really experience this initiation consciously so that you get the most out of it:

  • a joyful soulful pregnancy with your needs met
  • a fullfilling birth (that can be without pain- yes that is possible for you too)
  •  become a strong, loving, nourishing mother who takes responsibility for herself and the child
  • be able to live the parentingstyle you long for and that you (might) hear the call in your heart
  • heal yourself further on that way
  • be proud of your decisions and experiences and feel that guidance and purpose in you life

But you know what? Initiation is never a gentle fluffy disney-like process, where you get your wishes fullfilled only by asking. Initiation always brings you to your limits. And BEYOND. Thats what it does. And that always need some effort and it always will call the fears. But the fears cannot stop you from birthing your child. But they can stop you – if you allow them – from experiencing that profound empowering miracle in it that will have a serious impact on your life.

And you can simply decide to commit to take the chance, to be fully initiated by the universe and open up to your powers. And you don´t have to do this alone.

You can start today. Now.

Even if you you are trying to conceive and are not pregnant yet.


* The best possible mother means that you will open up to be the (best) mother that you can be. That´s nothing to compare with others but its something to feel inside.

P.S.: Please subscribe to my list and come to the birthcircle  to be connected with the tribe of empowering conscious birth.

A Letter from Universe

13 Feb

In my own pregnancy I searched nearly madly about some ideas and advice about living a spiritual pregnancy. I had some routine (and as always many challenges) in living consciously and spiritual in way that suited me and than after becoming pregnant I felt the strong desire to experience all of what pregnancy can give me. The point is, I wasn´t planned pregnant and therefore I had no preparation time before to get things clear for me, or have kind of vision or idea about the pregnancy not even to talk about spiritual conceiving. So after I finally arrived with the knowledge and acceptance of being pregnant, I felt the urge to dive into it, without delay and with kind of hurry 🙂

In my life I honor the divine feminine, I am pagan and drawn to the Goddess. So being pregnant obviously brought me nearer to the great mysteries of being a woman – the great mysteries of life.

It was like I found a personal invitation on my desk for the experienced intense mystery-course of divinity itself. The fee is “only” living energy: really getting involved with all feelings.

But six years ago I didn´t find any literature (in german) or any advice or support for this journey – I did not specially look for pagan resources but for every spiritual content. And I longed for personal support. As this was not a planned couple-trip I was desperately looking for women´s support to get me through this experience.

Finally I found my wisdom with the help of my best friends and spirit and I found support.

So you can easily see that this experience is still a great motivation for me. It is the reason I became a doula and spiritual pregnancy-coach.

You know, I had some hard times during pregnancy although it was a perfect sane pregnancy. But it was this urge, this strong longing and the problems I faced that helped me in really using the 9 month as a preparation and on the same time celebrating as a special, holy time. So I finally experienced a wonderful great birth without pain. And was able to experience a real initiation. I learned that the journey is not finished at birth and that an initiation does not mean that someone is becoming a new person- but in the long distance one can really see the shift.

I think that when I consciously had decided to become pregnant most of it would have happened, too. Because this way or another I was looking for the spiritual dimension of pregnancy and birth and committed to experience all of it. And that is the very simple clue.

You are pregnant?

Look, there´s an envelope 🙂 for you and a free ebook.


click, to enlarge the letter.

Spiritual Practice in All Day Life

27 Jan

I bet, you know this too: When everything is normal and fine, we so often loose our spiritual connection or stick at the surface of being.

It´s quite normal that this happens over and over again.

The clue is, to get back on track, every single time we noticed that we´v left. But Sometimes its hard.We don´t get back on track. We lost motivation, our pig dog won, or worst: We think its alright the way it is and everything is fine.

We then really steal ourselves the satisfying experience of being deeply aligned with our soul and feeling a deeply connection and diving deep into lived wisdom and feeling really wonderful.

In pregnancy this means we hold yourself from learning more about yourself, motherhood and our babys soul. And it means that we don´t allow yourself to receive healing.

So very often we open up, wake up, when things get worse.

But do we really want to learn every time from suffering?

We don´t choose suffering – so when it happens, opening up and learning and committing to heal and nurture oneself is a good way to cope with a crisis.

But we can learn without suffering too.

We so often stick to the average, pretend that the barriers or the need of healing are there, don´t think of what we miss and steal from ourselves and in case of pregnancy what bunch of great experience we withhold from our baby, too. Because it really makes a difference if we are open and connected deeply (consciously curious) to the baby or not.

It does not make sense to punish ourselves when we start realizing this or to become sad and crawl in a deep hole. The only thing we can really do helpful about this is: Accepting the truth and committing to change (There is the second option of keeping everything as it is, too – that is what fear is telling us – but this won´t make it better or make us happier).

But, believe me, I know how hard this can be. How strong sometimes the fears or barriers feel. But believe me – this is an illusion. It is your own mind trying to keep your from growing because we always have fear of changing and growing. That is unfortunately normal.

So if we really long to feel better, to receive healing, to change these things that are really get on our nerves we need to face the challenge with open eyes and commit ourselves to it.

We all know this. So it´s time to DO it.

P.S. Pregnancy is the phase in life, where it is most easy to access the spiritual wisdom and experience with minimal fears and maximal motivation. So don´t let this possibility pass. Let´s talk in the Birthcircle  about the challenges and successes on the way.

P.P.S. You know what: I wrote this article for me too, because I am stuck on the entrance of a healing change – and I really need to motivate me over and over to face the fears and the feeling of “its okay, you don´t have to do anything- don´t touch it”. But I know that I will be grateful forever, stepping into it. And so will you.