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28 Nov

This Blog has moved. Please click here to get to the up to date Happy Within blog.

we have moved

You will find on the new blog a cute little slideshow (I had some fun) and a fresh pressed article:
“If Pregnancy doesn´t feel like it should”

And there are some extra goodies for you on my desktop: Stay tuned to watch a free video series (coming soon) that will end this “birth must be horrible”-feeling forever and show you 4 keys to a childbirth beyond your dreams.


Weekend Reflection

5 Oct

A new little human was born this week (okay, actually there have been many kids born this week – but I know one personally).
Slow change and sudden fall. Storms and Rains and colorful leaves. Deep gratitude – for my clients, for my life, for life. I feel my excercises work and giving me energy. Feeling connected. More energy would be fine, though. Many rational input this week, I feel filled and need time to adjust and incorporate. Time for sitting with my journal, doing my spiritual exercises and doing some planning with a candle and a cup of tea.
The foto has been shot by my daughter (6)

This post is part of Petrea’s Weekend Reflection. Come and join us.

Weekend Reflection

7 Jul

Isn´t it amazings to see the flows of a week and of a month? All these little challenges, little rough times and then coming back to center. This week I was touched again by “Mama Watta” the incarnate ocean. I have such a deep relationship to water. Its always healing, touching. (But that is another story to be told)

This is post part of the Weekend Reflection at ArtTherapista

Weekend Reflection

18 May

This is post part of the Weekend Reflection at ArtTherapista

Weekend Reflection

27 Apr

My week was filled by challenges,  growth and stuckness, visions, frustrations, excitement. It was a tough one and it seems that more of that are style are to come.

I did this week a few more steps on accepting challenges, open for solutions and reassure and strengthen my power.
I prescribed myself what I would recommend my clients and so I get myself (slowly) back on the track.  I am on a journey of healing and growing again. I guess that´s what´s called Live.

I was inspired by Dryades Friday Collages:
This is post part of the Weekend Reflection at ArtTherapista 

Inspiring (End of the) Weekend Reading

11 Mar

These wonderful bits of wisdom and passion I found for you and recommend to read.

Birthing a Quiet Revolution

By embracing purity, accepting unconditional love and

intimately connecting with Spirit,

I conceive the mission with the seeds of imaginative thought

and plant it firmly – deep in the core of my being.

READ ON on Terris Blog:

I am listening…

3 Mar



This is part of the “Weekend Reflection” at


Inspiring and recommended.. spreading the love

22 Nov

Sometimes I can´t stop wondering with big eyes how the internet I knew changed and how many great ressources are on the net now. So many people reaching out giving great advice, inspiration and love.

So its time to share.

These are the wonderful free offers I found lately. Enjoy.

31 days of Soul Medicine (

The dark season is a time to reconnect with the longings of the soul. Its a time for selfcare, cuddling, celebrating and looking at the inside. At Soulspackle Sara offers 31 days of Soul-Medicine prompts to explore. The whole december. And for 2012 you can get free access to this as a little emailshower or course. This is great! I love it and will join in!

The Women´s Quest (

“The Women’s Quest Community is a place to meet with other woman to share and explore the wisdom and power of the menstrual cycle.”

And I can´t recommend menstruation work and wisdom strong enough. Its a topic I work with since I was 16 and I only will stop when its time to study Menopause. If you are new to the idea of any value of the menstrual cicle it will first probably feel strange but this should stop you from exploring. Oh thats a topic I hardly can stop speaking about  – so in short: exploring the menstrual cycle can bring you more ease and comfort when you have a kind of difficult cycle, it can bring you a deep sense of being right and okay, being healthy and holy(!). So it really gets you back some power you didn´t know you lost.