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28 Nov

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we have moved

You will find on the new blog a cute little slideshow (I had some fun) and a fresh pressed article:
“If Pregnancy doesn´t feel like it should”

And there are some extra goodies for you on my desktop: Stay tuned to watch a free video series (coming soon) that will end this “birth must be horrible”-feeling forever and show you 4 keys to a childbirth beyond your dreams.


Autumn Abundance

19 Oct

Autumn Abundance

I know each foto standing alone has more power – but that collage mirror my sensations: The abundance of colors and beauty of fall is so wonderful and so much that I can hardly stand it.

Weekend Reflection

5 Oct

A new little human was born this week (okay, actually there have been many kids born this week – but I know one personally).
Slow change and sudden fall. Storms and Rains and colorful leaves. Deep gratitude – for my clients, for my life, for life. I feel my excercises work and giving me energy. Feeling connected. More energy would be fine, though. Many rational input this week, I feel filled and need time to adjust and incorporate. Time for sitting with my journal, doing my spiritual exercises and doing some planning with a candle and a cup of tea.
The foto has been shot by my daughter (6)

This post is part of Petrea’s Weekend Reflection. Come and join us.

Spotlight on your Self Care – how do you want to spend your time to nourish yourself?

11 Sep

Self-care is about how we spend our time. It´s about making priorities and decisions. And self-care is about awareness because otherwise we don´t get what we do and how we spend our time.

There are different levels of self-care – of things I can do for myself to nourish myself. And as we are unique the value of an action differs.


Week-end Reflection

20 Aug

The borderline between positive excitement and stress is only thin. It is in me. The quality of my selfcare and how deep I am connected, defines this border. How much more can be done in one week, when standing on the flourishing happy side of life: so breathe, connect and don´t forget to pause.

This is part of the Weekendreflection at Petrea Hansen´s arttherapist


30 Jul

Sometimes life needs more balancing. It does not always happen like we plan – it even tends to happen always different from what we planned.
From time to time we need to step back.

I needed to step back. Balance. Wait. Still need. Nothing bad happened. I just missed the change in season of life and wanted to get done more than was possible. Sometimes its a child facing challenges and needing her Mama more then planned.

Sometimes I need to step back.

So I did. And I do.
And open to what comes.

Life has become fast. Sometimes we need to slow down to see the treasures. Did I say sometimes?

Collecting ideas, collection visions and then come back throwing fairy dust and making magic happen.

And as ever: making art, envisioning and connecting to my soul through making art. Meditating and enjoying life. My favorites. It´s not by chance that this is always an important part of my service and offers: soulart, joy and meditations. My favorites, that work together with all the other wonderful tools and techniques, that wait to be accessed.

Balancing. Slowing down. All this relates perfectly to pregnancy. Feel your center.

This is post part of the Weekend Reflection at ArtTherapista

Need some Energy? … continued

29 May

I really want to do some energy work together with you. Yes, you. If you feel too much tired, or stuck, or frustrated or if oyu feel like in the middle of a transformation. Or if you have you very own reason you really could use some energy.
I offered and prepared this Online Ritual last week – but as I was so spontanious in my action several women had written me that they weren´t able to attend because they didn´t read it early enough.
So here we go again:
Your next chance for being part of a healing ritual and connect with the divine energies is JUNE, 7th. Please register now, its free!


You want to learn more about the event? Look here. And please don´t forget, to tell your friends.

Power of Positive Thoughts – Affirmations for your pregnancy: How Affirmations work and how to use them

16 Mar
Affirmations are positive, empowering sentences (latin affirmatiō means „assertion, reassurance“). Affirmations help us to remember our strength, they make us feel brave, open us for wisdom, help us to find a positive approach.
Affirmations are surely not the clue for every problem of the world. But they help and work and can wonderfully support you in your pregnancy.

Just think about how you want to talk with your child: It is obvious that it has a deep impact on the child if you constantly speak in an empowering way or a disimpowering way to it. And in that exact way these sentences have an impact on you: Either you feel positive empowered through affimations or you feel wrong and insufficient through negative self talk and negative thoughts.

Affirmations work through constant repeating. A little bit like parents keep talking to children – in fact the vast majority of our own beliefs come from this source. Constant repeating like advertising. Although we don´t believe and trust most of the advertising messages and we even try to block ourselve from getting influenced by them – as long as we hear /read them constantly many of them will influence us. That is also the principle how affirmations work: constant repeating of empowering positive sentences, so that I can make the truth in that sentence come to reality and experience it. It really works.

A really good affirmation must find a kind of response or echo inside of you. You must have this feeling that what the affirmation is about is right and helpful. Its the affirmations job to support you in thinking and feeling what you like to experience.

Affirmations are positive beliefs. If you have a strong negative belief to this issue the affirmation is about, it probably won´t work. You can feel this. If you feel that the sentence is good for you and you are able to think this might be true (or at least give it the vague possibility of being true in some ways), then the affirmation can work effectivly.

If you always think or feel the „but“  or kind of resignation or resistance while reading – then this is the hint that there is a strong negative belief working that will block the affirmation. It does not make sense to simply repeat an affirmation against a strong resistance. You would only strengthen your resistance.

But often it simply helps if you soften the affirmation for with the words „more and more“ or „from day to day“ or something similar. For example „I trust my body more from day to day“ offers less attacktargets then „I trust my body“ when this is simply not true for you in the moment. Another way is to first use a different affirmation that covers a slightly different topic that is the first step on your way to the orginal affirmation. To find the fitting affirmations it is helpful to have a number of them available and then to connect with your feeling about them. If you feel you really like to have this feeling the affirmation is about – but you know it has to much resistance in the moment then you can (and need to) do additional work to reach your goal. In this case you can change the affirmatin as above said and additionally work with eft or any other tapping technique to further reduce the resistance. You can support this process with Reiki (or similar energywork), too.

Certainly it can happen, that a negative belief that you carry all your life long might not be completly vanish in the nine (or less) months of your pregnancy. But it is always worth trying. And it will enable changes and shifts in your life and help you preparing for a wonderful healthy birth. Because Birth not simply happens, it needs preparation and work.

Read more about what methods help you repeating your chosen affirmations.

And join the birth circle to get access to at least 16 pregnancy and birth related affirmations.