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28 Nov

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You will find on the new blog a cute little slideshow (I had some fun) and a fresh pressed article:
“If Pregnancy doesn´t feel like it should”

And there are some extra goodies for you on my desktop: Stay tuned to watch a free video series (coming soon) that will end this “birth must be horrible”-feeling forever and show you 4 keys to a childbirth beyond your dreams.


Autumn Abundance

19 Oct

Autumn Abundance

I know each foto standing alone has more power – but that collage mirror my sensations: The abundance of colors and beauty of fall is so wonderful and so much that I can hardly stand it.

Life is…

18 Sep

Open your eyes and see it.
Open your heart and feel it.
Open your senses – smell it, touch it.

And you will LOVE it.
It gets so much more colorful, easier when you are open to see and live it.

We are much to often on autopilot. I always thought autopilot is only when I run low on my energy and simply try to do the things that need to be done before I am completely exhausted. Or before I recognize and allow myself to see that I am already completely exhausted.
But autopilot means something different too: It is the normal life. The getting up, getting ready, doing your day. It is life when you are not open and not connected. The all day everything. That kind of living that we see and we learned – this is simply scratching the surface of LIFE.
And the easiest way to change – from one moment to the other – is to stop. To breath. To allow yourself to FEEL, SEE, SMELL, TOUCH. BE. Just now. Just here. With open senses.

When you are open, you are connected. Connected to Life.
It´s so incredibel easy. Breathe.

Mamahood in sight

31 Aug

Congratulations, first time Mama-to-be! Your greatest adventures are just ahead – your are in the middle of your adventure journey! And from the lookout someone shouts: “Mamahoooood in sight!”
I guess you are good prepared and staring at the cliffs of birth, but sometimes your dreams reach out to the land of mama. If you have friends and relatives with children, you might know some of the landscape, if not, it could be the unknown land where the dragons (and fairies) live.

As this is future, no-one knows exactly what lies beyond – everyone can experience different adventures in the same landscape. But as every good trip you would like to pepare yourself for this and I bet you did – but there is more: it´s not only about practical questions and advice of friends. It´s about what insights, visions, guidance you can take with you for that experience. It´s about all the things that can help you to make it fun and a do-able adventure. It´s about you feeling brave and secure to step into. And it´s about the things you need to remember, when you meet your first dragon.

So try out my Mamahood Mini Course for what ever prize you like!

What we will cover:

  • How to be a good mother
  • Lion mother: Why being brave is important
  • Expectations, Perfectionism and Pressure 
  • Your visions and promises for your mamahood
  • Spiritual guidance for your mamahood
  • Facing fears and concerns – why and how – to grow into your motherhood
  • Five important keys to experience being support
  • Help to prepare to the upcoming reality
  • Inspiration to go further with this adventure journey


You will feel better prepared. You will feel your trust in your mothering-ability growing. This work lays the most important grounding stones so that you will be a wonderful mother and will not be blown away from the winds of overwhelm to a place that ashames or discourages you. Your wonderful mama-time is beginning NOW.

So come and join me.

This little packed-full joyous course is worth 60$ – the experience it is designed to lead to is prizeless – and you can get it for whatever you want to pay! This is my birthday present for you.
We are starting Thursday 6th September so make sure to enroll TODAY.

And here are some details to the procedere:
The Mamahood Mini-Course is a 3 week e-course, delivered to you by email. It contains a 20 pages playbook and weekly email material for you to find your own mothering path. You can work through it in your own pace and connect with other mothers and mothers-to-be in the BirthCircle and it´s Mamahood Course Corner.

This is a one-time offer: The next time the course will have a fix prize. So join us today for this juicy and empowering experience. Take some time to adjust yourself mamahood and tune in to your souls wisdom and guidance for your mamahood _before_ things are getting chaotic and real.

So come and join me NOW.

Don´t make such a fuss. Stay silent and ignore

7 May
„In former times women had their babies when they were working on the fields“. I hated this statement. I heard it in my pregnancy much more often than I liked to hear it.
„Don´t make such a fuss about it“ seems to be the message of this statement, doesn´t it? If those women gave birth while working on the fields – how can I then complain about very normal aches and discomfort. Discomfort – sometimes its quite more than „discomfort“: Nausea, pain, fatigue and hormone chaos. That´s no fun at all.

It really gets me upset to pass this kind of statement along. It implements, that it is normal (and healthy?!) to mostly ignore pregnancy and just carry on. And that women have to carry it all – the job, the pregnancy, the kids, the house – just as if it were nothing. This statement is linking back to a time when women had no rights at all, living a very hard life. And this is used for what? As a role model for pregnant modern women? As a supportive hint to manage pregnancy, to calm concerns of giving birth?
This kind of statement simply does not honor in any way the reality of a pregnant women. It simply offers a “look what they have done” perspective that really encourages the women to hear “Do it a little more like they did, it was better this way. You are (doing) wrong”.
This is not even a little bit encouraging or empowering.

Maybe the person who states this may be concerned that the women exaggerates and that it’s not healthy for her to focus too much on the pregnancy. But that´s simply not true. A women needs time to adjust to this new experience of pregnancy. And as pregnancy is a time of change, she always needs to catch up. Some of the biggest changes in life happen in pregnancy (the whole body and psyche transforms). And the most healthy thing she can do is to stay conscious and enjoy pregnancy and support all of these changes.
True is that its not healthy to ride carousel with your concerns and fears. But ignoring is never a solution. Or pushing away. Pushing away or disavowing will increase all the problems that hide in the unconsciousness. Those will make us feel insecure, wrong, instable, unsure, inferior. In order to deal in a healthy and helpful way with fears and concerns its necessary to accept them first.

Yes, pregnancy is a normal, healthy state of being. But it is VERY SPECIAL. It has meaning and worth. And it is so important to acknowledge this fact. Something can be natural, normal and special at the same time. And that´s what pregnancy is. It´s a great time to celebrate, to feel the sacredness of being and to experience it to the fullest.

So let´s make a fuss about it.

Weekend Reflection

27 Apr

My week was filled by challenges,  growth and stuckness, visions, frustrations, excitement. It was a tough one and it seems that more of that are style are to come.

I did this week a few more steps on accepting challenges, open for solutions and reassure and strengthen my power.
I prescribed myself what I would recommend my clients and so I get myself (slowly) back on the track.  I am on a journey of healing and growing again. I guess that´s what´s called Live.

I was inspired by Dryades Friday Collages:
This is post part of the Weekend Reflection at ArtTherapista 

Power of Positive Thoughts – Affirmations for your pregnancy: How Affirmations work and how to use them

16 Mar
Affirmations are positive, empowering sentences (latin affirmatiō means „assertion, reassurance“). Affirmations help us to remember our strength, they make us feel brave, open us for wisdom, help us to find a positive approach.
Affirmations are surely not the clue for every problem of the world. But they help and work and can wonderfully support you in your pregnancy.

Just think about how you want to talk with your child: It is obvious that it has a deep impact on the child if you constantly speak in an empowering way or a disimpowering way to it. And in that exact way these sentences have an impact on you: Either you feel positive empowered through affimations or you feel wrong and insufficient through negative self talk and negative thoughts.

Affirmations work through constant repeating. A little bit like parents keep talking to children – in fact the vast majority of our own beliefs come from this source. Constant repeating like advertising. Although we don´t believe and trust most of the advertising messages and we even try to block ourselve from getting influenced by them – as long as we hear /read them constantly many of them will influence us. That is also the principle how affirmations work: constant repeating of empowering positive sentences, so that I can make the truth in that sentence come to reality and experience it. It really works.

A really good affirmation must find a kind of response or echo inside of you. You must have this feeling that what the affirmation is about is right and helpful. Its the affirmations job to support you in thinking and feeling what you like to experience.

Affirmations are positive beliefs. If you have a strong negative belief to this issue the affirmation is about, it probably won´t work. You can feel this. If you feel that the sentence is good for you and you are able to think this might be true (or at least give it the vague possibility of being true in some ways), then the affirmation can work effectivly.

If you always think or feel the „but“  or kind of resignation or resistance while reading – then this is the hint that there is a strong negative belief working that will block the affirmation. It does not make sense to simply repeat an affirmation against a strong resistance. You would only strengthen your resistance.

But often it simply helps if you soften the affirmation for with the words „more and more“ or „from day to day“ or something similar. For example „I trust my body more from day to day“ offers less attacktargets then „I trust my body“ when this is simply not true for you in the moment. Another way is to first use a different affirmation that covers a slightly different topic that is the first step on your way to the orginal affirmation. To find the fitting affirmations it is helpful to have a number of them available and then to connect with your feeling about them. If you feel you really like to have this feeling the affirmation is about – but you know it has to much resistance in the moment then you can (and need to) do additional work to reach your goal. In this case you can change the affirmatin as above said and additionally work with eft or any other tapping technique to further reduce the resistance. You can support this process with Reiki (or similar energywork), too.

Certainly it can happen, that a negative belief that you carry all your life long might not be completly vanish in the nine (or less) months of your pregnancy. But it is always worth trying. And it will enable changes and shifts in your life and help you preparing for a wonderful healthy birth. Because Birth not simply happens, it needs preparation and work.

Read more about what methods help you repeating your chosen affirmations.

And join the birth circle to get access to at least 16 pregnancy and birth related affirmations.

Hidden energy source in our life: our feelings can guide us

27 Feb "My feelings can guide me"
Feelings are most of the time not really easy, are they? Particularly if there are so much of them. And then even more intense and different from usual. Then we have this list of feelings that we like and the others should stay away. But it does´nt work that way.
Feelings are a really thrilling topic. They make us living, they make us alive. And even the „negative“ feelings can guide us. They help us. But we don´t like them anyway. I too.
To be rational and effective – thats trendy. Everything else is annoying. Feelings really make everything chaotic. They have different rules, different priorities.
And thats for good.
We can not live as machines. It would not make us happy and no one else either. So we need to deal with the feelings. Many of us – so do I sometimes – try then if the feelings do not fit (into our plans) ignore them. But feelings do always fit (but never in our calender).

The feelings – particularly the unpleasant ones – offer huge treasures, if we take them seriously:

  • They are the entrance to our authenticity and vitality. And therefore for joy and happiness, even if we may not feel really troubled or broken. It really brings more joy in our lives, if we accept our feelings and not fight them. Then we are easily able to feel the real happiness. The happiness about that we are simply right, and wonderful.
  • Wild feelings show us (sometimes exaggerated so that they are easier to understand) really important life-topics. Topics we otherwise would ignore, because that´s easier. They can point us at ethical values, we might ignore and whitewash. Or they point us at old wounds, srong desires, big fears. All this is in inside ourselves and it is precious. It is part of our life. If we always don´t want to look at it, we cut ourselves from the power of solving these problems and learn and grow from them (and they continue hurting).
  • If we really seriously love ourselves – and this is the most healthy state of being to seek, which brings ourselves and those around us happiness – then we need to love us when we are in a „bad mood“, too: not criticizing ourselves, not grumbling at ourselves, not being dissatisfied. Because then we make ourselves small and guilty instead of reckognizing the power which is in the situation.
  • Being emotional is not an unpleasant side effect of pregnancy, no mistake of mother nature. It is important and necessary. It helps us, to deal with the radical psychic changes, it helps us navigating through this time, it helps us to became a mother. It helps us being open for this time of change and our still invisible child inside and enables us to love it.

And in practice?

Simply dive in. Don´t worry, when we really dive into it, we really come back easily (and faster as if we don´t). Really. Promised.
But how does this work: diving into it?
It means you need to stop fighting, stop trying to be different, stop trying to feel different and stop being grumpy about feeling like that. You can comfort yourself and do something for you. But be careful that it is really something good and helpful and not simply flight or numbing.
What is helpful and good for you?
You can meditate, read inspiring texts that speak to your soul, take a bath, go for a walk. Express yourself through art, painting, writing, dance… Or listen to music and drink some tea… everything is healthy that lets room and is positive. Watching TV or reading novels is not on the list. You can give this as a reward to yourself but only after the first step. It is no confrontation with your feelings if you flee in a different life.
Diving in is different from enduring. Enduring is, when you sit and wait that it will go away. That is one possibility to deal with and its not the worst. But its not diving in or confronting with the message and the power of the feeling.

Often our judgment and our fears hold us back from diving into it. „I am not allowed to feel like that“ – „I don´t want to feel like that“ – „It´s not right“ – „If I dive into it, I will never come back, I will go crazy“, „no-one will ever take me serious again“ – „I will not handle the full feeling, I will break, everything will break“
Thats why most people stay at the edge of the feelings. I really can understand this. I like to stay there, too. I too need to overcome my fears, to dive into the rough water. But it is worth it every single time.
And the feelings loose their horror and show their sparkle and their power.

Nora Amala

P.S. The image is taken from a card of my inspiration cards deck which I am in the process of translating. They will be soon published in English. Here. So come back or subscribe to the mailing-list (and you will get a special prize for them)