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28 Nov

This Blog has moved. Please click here to get to the up to date Happy Within blog.

we have moved

You will find on the new blog a cute little slideshow (I had some fun) and a fresh pressed article:
“If Pregnancy doesn´t feel like it should”

And there are some extra goodies for you on my desktop: Stay tuned to watch a free video series (coming soon) that will end this “birth must be horrible”-feeling forever and show you 4 keys to a childbirth beyond your dreams.


Weekend Reflection

7 Jul

Isn´t it amazings to see the flows of a week and of a month? All these little challenges, little rough times and then coming back to center. This week I was touched again by “Mama Watta” the incarnate ocean. I have such a deep relationship to water. Its always healing, touching. (But that is another story to be told)

This is post part of the Weekend Reflection at ArtTherapista

Step into your Birthpower

5 Jun

and enjoy this little Flashvideo that I made for you:

In the Step into your Birthpower Course, which starts at June 27th we will play together and create together, to connect with our inner power. It is  probably the most beautiful, artful and joyful pregnancy-course you can take. So come and join!

Leave your questions and comments below – I can´t wait to answer them.

I hope I will see you at “tune in” and in “step into your birthpower“!

I am listening…

3 Mar



This is part of the “Weekend Reflection” at

Mental anchor during birth: Your Birth-Collage

4 Oct

During birth it is helpful to have a mental anchor. Something you can look at or touch that gives you strength and reminds you of the important things. Something that reminds you of the wisdom that you collected before you went into labor as part of your preparation for the birth of your child.

The birth poster, or birth map, is a collection of short encouraging and helpful wisdoms: pleasant to look at, with pictures and if possible with your own style. You can use them wherever you give birth and give your hospital surrounding a personal touch.

It is important, that you like it and that it agrees with you on all levels or else it won’t be of any use. It is a gimmick, a little helpful tool but by no means a must.
It is fun to make such a poster. And it is guaranteed a one of a kind memory piece. The time you spent making it is plain birth preparation time. You are relaxed, you open up positively to the subject birth and you work creatively with it.

This is how you do it:

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