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28 Nov

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“If Pregnancy doesn´t feel like it should”

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Time to give up control

25 Aug

We are in control. We are planning, managing, taking actions, revising, judging, planning, thinking. We are multitasking. We got really really good in all these things and they are necessary to feel right nowadays – it´s how the world goes. Right?

But all these skills – and even the whole reality of these things being important – has nothing to do with being pregnant or bearing.

So being pregnant can sometimes feel like a culture shock.
We are much to much in our heads. We are living in our heads. We do believe that we are our minds. But this human baby is not growing in our mind. And we will not birth the baby out of our head.
Pregnancy is the domain of the body. The body takes over – and we no longer can ignore that we are human beings living in a BODY and being part of nature. It can be a devasting feeling. Because we are more used to see nature as something to be insecure, inferior and imperfect.
Even if we chose to take that step of faith and to be lead by nature and not choose to follow a medical promise of total control – it still can feel strange. Simply because we are not used to live in our bodies and to let things happen. To be aware. To live slowly. To trust.

So pregnancy is our time we can use to step back into our bodies. Actually this IS what is happening, either we want it or not. But you can chose to embrace it and step forward or to try to resist and control. Needless to say that the last won´t bring you much joy, because you can´t get control back. It would be an illusion. It´s not easy to embrace feeling fatique or nausea or backpain. But it´s exactly the time now to chose to experience your body.

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Spiritual Childbirth

22 Aug

When I was pregnant I decided I wanted to experience a spiritual childbirth. It was no question for me. I am a spiritual living person, I was doing my best do honour this months of pregnancy and so I was looking forward to the initiation of birth (and certainly I was freaking feared, but not so much about birthing but more about becoming a mother). I imagined a kind of candle lit, white, yoga-inspired angel like birth ritual. I thought birthing a soul into this material world would be a highly etheric procedure. Fortunatly I didn’t follow that thougths too far and I did not to often visualize birthing as this. Otherwise I would have highly been dissapointed by what I experienced really. I really experienced a mind-blowing sacred unbelievable wonderful (and certainly highly exhausting and going beyond borders) birth.

It was nothing like etheric or white light good smelling. And that simply was not important. Because Holyness and spirituality does not automatically mean candles. Meditation, incense – it can be surrounded by these things but these things are not the experience.
I experienced surrendering, being hold, being in a different reality. Floating. Real being. I know that I thought about 3 or 4 thoughts for hours. One was in the beginning „O goddess, this is like being an anmimal, this is raw, real“. And I think thats one of the problems our culture has nowadays with birthing. Its not a cultural ability. It’s far more real. More important and less under control.
I simply forgot to burn the incense, to put on the music. Nothing was important. It was not neccessary. I was birthing a soul into this reality, I was feeling my body, I was enlightened and an ape in the same moment. I was in the now.

So if you have not experienced birthing before: it will not be etherical. It will not be angelwhite. It will be earthy. As earthy as it could be. It will be sweaty, maybe bloody, exhausting, extreme. And thats the sacredness about it. Giving birth is not a mind-mastered simple sunday-walk. It is a body-experience where you experience unbelievable powers. That´s part of how we help bringing the souls onto earth.

Step into your Birthpower

5 Jun

and enjoy this little Flashvideo that I made for you:

In the Step into your Birthpower Course, which starts at June 27th we will play together and create together, to connect with our inner power. It is  probably the most beautiful, artful and joyful pregnancy-course you can take. So come and join!

Leave your questions and comments below – I can´t wait to answer them.

I hope I will see you at “tune in” and in “step into your birthpower“!

Pregnancy and Childbirth: Embracing Transformation

30 Mar
In pregnancy literally  your whole body is in change – your mind is changing and developing and you face challenges you might never have come across bevore. Pregnancy can be tough out of many reasons – even if it is the thing you desired most. Birthing and raising children feels so huge. It is about Life and death, about a whole humans life. You probably may not have experienced anything severe and responsible like that before if you don´t work in a business which is about literally saving lifes. Pregancy and birth is always a transformation and an initiation. Where you go beyond your limits – and grow.
Because of all that, pregnancy and childbirth are working as magnifying glass or lens: where so much life-changing topics and questions emerge, accompanied by fears.

The way I work with and teach is to fully embrace the challenge and that special time. To commit with your whole heart and soul to this experience to take the chance and become the best possible mother* NOW. To undig your powers now, really experience this initiation consciously so that you get the most out of it:

  • a joyful soulful pregnancy with your needs met
  • a fullfilling birth (that can be without pain- yes that is possible for you too)
  •  become a strong, loving, nourishing mother who takes responsibility for herself and the child
  • be able to live the parentingstyle you long for and that you (might) hear the call in your heart
  • heal yourself further on that way
  • be proud of your decisions and experiences and feel that guidance and purpose in you life

But you know what? Initiation is never a gentle fluffy disney-like process, where you get your wishes fullfilled only by asking. Initiation always brings you to your limits. And BEYOND. Thats what it does. And that always need some effort and it always will call the fears. But the fears cannot stop you from birthing your child. But they can stop you – if you allow them – from experiencing that profound empowering miracle in it that will have a serious impact on your life.

And you can simply decide to commit to take the chance, to be fully initiated by the universe and open up to your powers. And you don´t have to do this alone.

You can start today. Now.

Even if you you are trying to conceive and are not pregnant yet.


* The best possible mother means that you will open up to be the (best) mother that you can be. That´s nothing to compare with others but its something to feel inside.

P.S.: Please subscribe to my list and come to the birthcircle  to be connected with the tribe of empowering conscious birth.

Painless Childbirth

6 Oct

Part One: Without pain … is it possible?

Yes – painless childbirth IS possible. But there are several „buts“.

I myself experienced a painless childbirth. I loved it – it was the best thing I ever experienced so far and I really wish every woman can birth without pain.


I think there is no way you can be 100% sure, that doing xyz will make your birth painless. There is no easy 100% proofed way. (This doesn mean that programms and workshops doesnt work – it only means they wont work automatically)

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Mental anchor during birth: Your Birth-Collage

4 Oct

During birth it is helpful to have a mental anchor. Something you can look at or touch that gives you strength and reminds you of the important things. Something that reminds you of the wisdom that you collected before you went into labor as part of your preparation for the birth of your child.

The birth poster, or birth map, is a collection of short encouraging and helpful wisdoms: pleasant to look at, with pictures and if possible with your own style. You can use them wherever you give birth and give your hospital surrounding a personal touch.

It is important, that you like it and that it agrees with you on all levels or else it won’t be of any use. It is a gimmick, a little helpful tool but by no means a must.
It is fun to make such a poster. And it is guaranteed a one of a kind memory piece. The time you spent making it is plain birth preparation time. You are relaxed, you open up positively to the subject birth and you work creatively with it.

This is how you do it:

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