my name is Nora Amala Bugdoll. Call me Nora, thats easier.

<!–I love to help you experiencing a really joyful, fullfilling, uplifting, soulful pregnancy and birth.

Consciously experiencing your pregnancy brings you so much benefits:

  • you can easily bond to your baby in pregnancy and enjoy this deep love and real  relationship
  • you help your baby growing and being happy – and laying the basis of trust and love for its live
  • you can react to stressful or fearful situations more easily and with more freedom
  • you will experience personal growth
  • you will probably love your pregnancy and birth as you do consciously and lovingly your best – it will nourish your soul

I am offering coachings via skype or google chat and upcoming e-courses.–>

A few words about me:

I am a Women Wisdom Coach and a mama of a wonderful 6year old wonderful daughter. I healed myself from depression, and since my pregnancy and childbirth I am addicted to help women to get the best possible support in pregnancy and birth and to show them the path to an empowering good childbirth experience, they will love. Such an experience like that I had, 6 years ago. I have been working with pregnant women for three years, inspiring them and helping them to connect with their babies, with their bodies, with their spirits.

Not only I was trained in education (and have been working in that field for about 20 years) and got an certificate as an online-teacher and tutor. I have taken this a step further in that I have taken a doula course and am a Reiki Master. My spiritual work in the last 15 years made it possible for me to serve from a strong connection to my higher self, from a place of love that supports you best.

My dream is that this world will thrive when women step into their power and rise like a phoenix. My dream is that women no longer need to experience hard or traumatic childbirths simply because of not knowing it better.

P.S. As you probably figured out, I am no native speaker. I am german and writing to you from Berlin – from probably the other side of the world.


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