Time to give up control

25 Aug

We are in control. We are planning, managing, taking actions, revising, judging, planning, thinking. We are multitasking. We got really really good in all these things and they are necessary to feel right nowadays – it´s how the world goes. Right?

But all these skills – and even the whole reality of these things being important – has nothing to do with being pregnant or bearing.

So being pregnant can sometimes feel like a culture shock.
We are much to much in our heads. We are living in our heads. We do believe that we are our minds. But this human baby is not growing in our mind. And we will not birth the baby out of our head.
Pregnancy is the domain of the body. The body takes over – and we no longer can ignore that we are human beings living in a BODY and being part of nature. It can be a devasting feeling. Because we are more used to see nature as something to be insecure, inferior and imperfect.
Even if we chose to take that step of faith and to be lead by nature and not choose to follow a medical promise of total control – it still can feel strange. Simply because we are not used to live in our bodies and to let things happen. To be aware. To live slowly. To trust.

So pregnancy is our time we can use to step back into our bodies. Actually this IS what is happening, either we want it or not. But you can chose to embrace it and step forward or to try to resist and control. Needless to say that the last won´t bring you much joy, because you can´t get control back. It would be an illusion. It´s not easy to embrace feeling fatique or nausea or backpain. But it´s exactly the time now to chose to experience your body.

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