Spiritual Childbirth

22 Aug

When I was pregnant I decided I wanted to experience a spiritual childbirth. It was no question for me. I am a spiritual living person, I was doing my best do honour this months of pregnancy and so I was looking forward to the initiation of birth (and certainly I was freaking feared, but not so much about birthing but more about becoming a mother). I imagined a kind of candle lit, white, yoga-inspired angel like birth ritual. I thought birthing a soul into this material world would be a highly etheric procedure. Fortunatly I didn’t follow that thougths too far and I did not to often visualize birthing as this. Otherwise I would have highly been dissapointed by what I experienced really. I really experienced a mind-blowing sacred unbelievable wonderful (and certainly highly exhausting and going beyond borders) birth.

It was nothing like etheric or white light good smelling. And that simply was not important. Because Holyness and spirituality does not automatically mean candles. Meditation, incense – it can be surrounded by these things but these things are not the experience.
I experienced surrendering, being hold, being in a different reality. Floating. Real being. I know that I thought about 3 or 4 thoughts for hours. One was in the beginning „O goddess, this is like being an anmimal, this is raw, real“. And I think thats one of the problems our culture has nowadays with birthing. Its not a cultural ability. It’s far more real. More important and less under control.
I simply forgot to burn the incense, to put on the music. Nothing was important. It was not neccessary. I was birthing a soul into this reality, I was feeling my body, I was enlightened and an ape in the same moment. I was in the now.

So if you have not experienced birthing before: it will not be etherical. It will not be angelwhite. It will be earthy. As earthy as it could be. It will be sweaty, maybe bloody, exhausting, extreme. And thats the sacredness about it. Giving birth is not a mind-mastered simple sunday-walk. It is a body-experience where you experience unbelievable powers. That´s part of how we help bringing the souls onto earth.


5 Responses to “Spiritual Childbirth”

  1. Nicola August 22, 2012 at 11:12 am #

    wow…this is a fabulous post…i can totally relate to this experience! Have shared it on my empowerewombyn FB page.

  2. Yiye Zhang August 22, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    enjoyed this article, thanks for the heads up Nora! 🙂

  3. samantha jenkins August 22, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

    Hi Nora …I’ve not experienced human childbirth, but I think all that you’ve said can be applied to to birthing anything into this world ..be that our own inspired creations or soul.

  4. Karina Ladet August 22, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

    What a great description of birth! It’s definitely a very earthy experience and I remember thinking about how this connected me to all women who had given birth too. Pretty mind blowing! Beautiful post, Nora. Love, Karina

    • noraamala August 23, 2012 at 9:29 am #

      Karina, o yes, for me this feeling of connection with all women having birthed before was also a very empowering and reassuring thought.
      I often used (and still use) this to meditate about…

      Thanks for all your lovely comments, Ladies,


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