Why prenatal yoga is better

13 Aug

Have you ever asked yourself if you should do some pregnancy fitness course or do some workouts, or join a yoga class?
So this post is for you.

Fitness courses and workouts

Fitness is good. Yes, it makes sense to stay fit and healthy in pregnancy. But you know what? Sports and pregnanca workouts are overrated. Fitness is fine, if you want to have some extra movement, if you want to carry on with some fitness program. But it doesn`t help much for birth preparation. The muscles are trained, and you are doing good for your shape and your power, but it has not really an important impact on birthing nor is ist a real birth-preparation.

What you really need in pregnancy and for childbirth is that you learn to feel and hear your body, to trust your body, to use your breath and to be present. To slow down and feel. And that is exactly what you do, when you practise yoga. And additionally you are strengthening your muscles and helping your body.

Yoga is definitely the better choice for pregnancy. Yoga is like birthing. And although the prenatal yoga exercises are smooth and easy they also help you to be flexible and healthy. But more it helps for your soul and your soul-body-connection. I can´t say it often enough – birthing is like yoga – yoga is like birthing. You will need to slow down, to connect with you body, to feel, to be able to stress and unstress muscles and BREATH and be. Being in your body.
Being fully in our bodies is not really something we are normally good in nowadays. And you can be very sporty, healthy and active without having a healthy connection to your body. And yoga (when it isn´t done like a fitness programm but as yoga) focusses exactly on beeing in the body and the body-soul-connection.

Don´t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with fitness programms for pregnancy. Being fit is always good. But make sure you add yoga to your personal wellness plan to easily deepen your birth-preparation. (And if you are a lazy person as I am – then still do yoga and skip the rest).

You will be glad you did it.


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