A Letter from Universe

13 Feb

In my own pregnancy I searched nearly madly about some ideas and advice about living a spiritual pregnancy. I had some routine (and as always many challenges) in living consciously and spiritual in way that suited me and than after becoming pregnant I felt the strong desire to experience all of what pregnancy can give me. The point is, I wasn´t planned pregnant and therefore I had no preparation time before to get things clear for me, or have kind of vision or idea about the pregnancy not even to talk about spiritual conceiving. So after I finally arrived with the knowledge and acceptance of being pregnant, I felt the urge to dive into it, without delay and with kind of hurry 🙂

In my life I honor the divine feminine, I am pagan and drawn to the Goddess. So being pregnant obviously brought me nearer to the great mysteries of being a woman – the great mysteries of life.

It was like I found a personal invitation on my desk for the experienced intense mystery-course of divinity itself. The fee is “only” living energy: really getting involved with all feelings.

But six years ago I didn´t find any literature (in german) or any advice or support for this journey – I did not specially look for pagan resources but for every spiritual content. And I longed for personal support. As this was not a planned couple-trip I was desperately looking for women´s support to get me through this experience.

Finally I found my wisdom with the help of my best friends and spirit and I found support.

So you can easily see that this experience is still a great motivation for me. It is the reason I became a doula and spiritual pregnancy-coach.

You know, I had some hard times during pregnancy although it was a perfect sane pregnancy. But it was this urge, this strong longing and the problems I faced that helped me in really using the 9 month as a preparation and on the same time celebrating as a special, holy time. So I finally experienced a wonderful great birth without pain. And was able to experience a real initiation. I learned that the journey is not finished at birth and that an initiation does not mean that someone is becoming a new person- but in the long distance one can really see the shift.

I think that when I consciously had decided to become pregnant most of it would have happened, too. Because this way or another I was looking for the spiritual dimension of pregnancy and birth and committed to experience all of it. And that is the very simple clue.

You are pregnant?

Look, there´s an envelope 🙂 for you and a free ebook.


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One Response to “A Letter from Universe”

  1. Linnette Dooley February 19, 2012 at 5:27 am #

    I love that your pregnancy led you to becoming a doula! I was just reading this today from Conversations with the Goddess, “The birth of human life is, in reality, an expression of the rapture of powerful spiritual energies uniting. Therefore, birth-giving is a fundamental expression of the sacred in life. Blessings on your journey.

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