The shift in experiencing pregnancy

9 Jan

Today pregnancy has become a medical issue. As our world has become more technical and technological then ever before that is what happened to pregnancy and birth. But it is quite obvious that pregnancy is nothing technical, rational and for some women its quite obvious that its even not something medical.
Pregnancy is as old as mankind. Obviously :), and part of our reactions and experiences in pregnancy and birth are as old, too. Pregnancy and birth have ever been social topics, in history as in present. Every culture has its own approaches but maybe you feel its time for some different approaches which are more holistic and more integrative than modern medicine alone.

So what am I speaking about?
I am speaking about living your bodywisdom and integrating the best of history, culture and medicine with your personal wisdom and taking back the responsibility of pregnancy and birth.

That does not necessarily mean that you follow special ideas as natural birth and breastfeeding or others. This does not mean that you will not go to the screenings or can´t give birth in a hospital. It does mean that you open up to the meaning and feelings of pregnancy and birth and find your own way. Your own opinion, answers, strength, beauty and joy.

To find these you need to come back to trust (instead of the viewpoint of fear and insecurity which is normally offered today).
And you can come back to trust if you:

  • open up for the miracle that pregnancy is
  • connect deep with your feelings and your baby
  • open up for personal growth – using the time of pregnancy what it psychologically is: a time for preparation for a huge initiation.
  • Learn to strengthen your intuition and to reconnect to your bodywisdom

This process can be easy or hard – that depends on your personality and what experiences you had before – but it should be joyous and worth it. (I don´t see any logical problems with something being hard work but full of joy at the same time)

Pregnancy is such a great time for this kind of shift and growing – because it’s the normal healthy way it should be. Pregnancy helps us in viewing at old patterns and new insights and it comes with better-to hear intuition and normally much emotional chaos (which is part of every opening, healing and learning process).

So what could this new and at the same time old way of experiencing pregnancy look like?
It means that you spend much attention on your feelings and experiences

  • You will experience more fulfillment, more sense when you dive deeply into it and are as aware as you can
  • You have the chance to experience trust, calmness and wisdom
  • You will have no bondingproblems at all but enjoy a great feeling of connection
  • You are best supporting yourself and the child
  • You have the best chance to grow to the mother you would like to be

This is a very personal journey you will take. And for that you have the possibility to do it completely alone, or with one-to-one support through coaching or with a group experience or altogether as it fits in the moment. And that perfectly summarizes my offer to you.


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