Your Pregnancy Journal

12 Dec

I love journalling. And journalling is really important and neccessary for inner work, spiritual work and growing. If you don´t write it down (or draw or collage it), you won´t remember it. Writing things down helps us to think and them through. It´s like a selfdialogue. You can use journalling for getting all these things that keep your mind busy and are in the way while trying to relax out of your mind onto the paper. It really helps.

I always dreamed about having a pleasant pregnancy journal since being pregnant. By now there are several journals to buy – but they all seem to be the kind of “fill in here” books, no journal. There are sometimes questions for reflections in it, sometimes only blanks to fill out. Thats not what I had in mind.

I wanted a journal in which I can write and doodle pages over pages, a journal that is layouted and looks good even when I don´t do a thing with it. And it should be a DIY-style, so that I can if I wish go with it and create along. So guess what, here it is. The pregnancy journal for you. I hope it motivates you to journal during your pregnancy:

The pregnancy journal is a 74 full colored pages pdf with two pages of additional layout material. You can print it and make a pregnancy folder for your own, using as much pages as you need.
And furthermore, when subscribing to the free journallinglist you will get ideas, tips and prompts and images for journaling.

And it is only 9,90$!


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