Listened to the Worlds Biggest Summit? Welcome!

25 Oct

If you don´t know the great Worlds Biggest Summit you can find it over here. And you can register there even if its late October, as you get free access to all the 100 workshops / interviews / talks there. Its great!

If you are a member and just came over from the Worlds Biggest Summit, this post ist for you. I warmly welcome you here, I am very happy that you came over and hope you enjoy your visit here.

I have some links here for you, you might find interesting:

Here is the Link and introduction to the BirthCircle for experiencing great and spiritual pregnancy.

And a direct Link to the BirthCircle: Membership of the BirthCircle is free!

If your pregnancy is some time in the past but you feel strongly connected to the topic and wish you had found some offer like this earlyer and carry pain, grief or other unwelcomed feelings from your pregnancy or childbirth (or even a birth trauma), which you want to heal, then please sign in to this special mailinglist for you:

If you like to learn more about healing your pregnancy/ birth – experience – please join

If you have question, I´d love to answer them. So please feel invited to leave your question, your thoughts on the talk, your impressions, your experiences and your wishes here in the comments. I am happy to answer them. If your question feels to personal for a blogcomment, then please write me a mail, using this form.

I love to connect with you!


P.S. I am working on a special pregnancy journal for your pregnancy. Which will be released in November! And there are great other things coming to, as these colourful inspiration cards. So you might want to subscribe to my mailinglist to stay informed!

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