Painless Childbirth

6 Oct

Part One: Without pain … is it possible?

Yes – painless childbirth IS possible. But there are several „buts“.

I myself experienced a painless childbirth. I loved it – it was the best thing I ever experienced so far and I really wish every woman can birth without pain.


I think there is no way you can be 100% sure, that doing xyz will make your birth painless. There is no easy 100% proofed way. (This doesn mean that programms and workshops doesnt work – it only means they wont work automatically)

I know about the law of attaction and work with it and work with visualizations, but it´s not simply believing in a painless birth that makes it come real. Its a little bit more difficult. I think the most important factor is your motivation (by the way this is always true not only in this special case). If your motivation is fear, it wont work.

If you are searching for a fast, secure and painless way to get this child out this is very human but this is not the helping goal-meeting-attitude. This is probably the motivation of planned c-sections – but C-sections are not painless either. They are medical surgeries. **

So back to the painless vaginal birth. I know you might be fearful looking towards birth. This is normal. You dont know what to expect and if you will manage it. So fear is a very normal reaction. If you are able to find the trust in you and the process that birth is manageable for you – THAT is the best fundament for a great birth experience.

A great birth experience does not  necessarily mean that it is completely painless (though it could be). It means that it is manageable for you – that you are in action and in charge. That you experience it as healthy and safe for you both. Thats when you will love to look back to it and that the birth will strengthen you.

To allow this shift from fear to trust this is the challenge of birthpreparation. And sometimes birth preparation starts when you discover you are pregnant. You can get help on your way towards trust.

I´ll be there.

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This post is part of the serie “Painless Childbirth”. So stay tuned not to miss the rest.
Upcoming Posts:

  • Part two:  What you can expect, how it can feel
  • Part three: Why you have to face fear and (the possibility of) pain
  • Part four: What you can do

** It is your own decision, what kind of birth you prefer. There should be no judging around this. You can best find out what fits you.

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