Mental anchor during birth: Your Birth-Collage

4 Oct

During birth it is helpful to have a mental anchor. Something you can look at or touch that gives you strength and reminds you of the important things. Something that reminds you of the wisdom that you collected before you went into labor as part of your preparation for the birth of your child.

The birth poster, or birth map, is a collection of short encouraging and helpful wisdoms: pleasant to look at, with pictures and if possible with your own style. You can use them wherever you give birth and give your hospital surrounding a personal touch.

It is important, that you like it and that it agrees with you on all levels or else it won’t be of any use. It is a gimmick, a little helpful tool but by no means a must.
It is fun to make such a poster. And it is guaranteed a one of a kind memory piece. The time you spent making it is plain birth preparation time. You are relaxed, you open up positively to the subject birth and you work creatively with it.

This is how you do it:

You need a large poster board. You need scrapbook or construction paper, decorative pieces like little flowers, glitter etc.

  • And of course you need glue, scissors and markers or crayons.
  • You put together the most important messages for your labor (I will get into more detail later).
  • You can use flower and other nature images and illustrations from the internet.
  • Some scrapbooking material or some free e-scrapbooking patterns
  • If you don´t have scrapbooking supply, you simply can use some wrapping paper which is far more cheap

The birth map is a collage – unless you want to create it in a different way. You illustrate it with the most important messages you want to accompany you during your labor. Here are a few examples:
“You can do it”
“Turn off your brain” or
“Open yourself like a flower”
“Surf on the waves”

You can write down your affirmation, your favorite quote, a prayer or mantra to, in the true sense of the meaning, keep it in front of your eyes. You can put down anything to empower you, to help you stay focused and to believe in you.
I recommend preparing the illustrated messages on separate paper then laying them out on the poster board and gluing them down at the very end. Like that you can make changes until the very end.

If you do not have a lot of time or lack creativity, you can download and print the here displayed poster. Please be aware of the data size (10 Mb), it might take some time to download.  Go to the Download  The poster has an empty spot in the middle for your individual use. You put your most important message here: the message that empowers you most or that feels most important to you. Make sure it is absolutely positive, so don’t write “I am not afraid” but “I am courageous”(I personally recommend “I have faith”). There is a second version without words which you can completly fill with you own words. Go to the download

Please send me a picture of your birth posters; I would love to see them!


2 Responses to “Mental anchor during birth: Your Birth-Collage”

  1. sweetsongofjoy October 4, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    What a beautiful notion– I’d never even considered such a thing. But I can see how it’s so important to ground ourselves in positive hopes and intentions during the magic time of giving birth.

  2. Marla @ Your Full Plate October 5, 2011 at 5:56 pm #

    Oh wow, how wonderful! It’s almost like a vision board for labor, huh? I look forward to passing this along to other women – I could really see this becoming a standard part of the preparations to give birth.

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