Contact with your womb-baby

30 Aug

Communicate with your unborn child

Daniel Faßbender, CC-Licence, Source:

Pregnant woman can have a deep relationship to their baby when its still in their womb. Most women do that without even thinking: the heart pours over with love for the baby. Such a connection to the baby is very important for its wellbeing.
The connection between mother and embryo is so tight as nothing else in the world. The baby hears the mothers body from inside, it feels directly the mood of the mother through hormon-messages, body sensations and the mothers voice. It could be that babys even have a connection to the subconsciousness of their mother. Psychologists say this might be, and mothers know.



Simple actions like breathing consciously in the belly, sending love to the baby or massage the belly fit in ta normal day and bring together mama and child. Singing to the baby is very simple and very powerful. As the baby has a deep connection to the mothers voice.

Every single action you take to be emotionally near the baby supports the babys emotional, psychological  and maybe even mental development. The deeper your relationship is the more you both profit. You are laying the foundations for a whole new life and giving trust and love for your childs life as a present.


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